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17 Jul 2014

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Encouraging peer-led discussions with Kahoot!

Thanks to Mariana Garcia for the following amazing comments about Kahoot! after her first experience using it with her students at Herman Intermediate School. Mariana leads the Adventure STEM Program, part of Oak Grove School District in South San Jose, California.

Just a brief thank you. I used the ‘Atoms, Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Oh my!’ quiz I created on Kahoot!; even my most reluctant students were cheering and engaged. Being able to pause for discussion once the correct answer was shown proved invaluable to explain and/or correct misconceptions. I sat back in amazement as previously unengaged students started to explain concepts to the class in peer led discussions.

The following are quotes directly from my students:

Can we do this again tomorrow? I want to beat (fellow classmate)

This is awesome. I learned so much today!

I wish all the classes used this

I finally get density, thanks Mrs. Garcia!

The students left my class bragging to other classmates about how much fun they had. Once again, thank you for such a wonderful tool.