This week, we have a fantastic guest blog from Kindergarten teacher Cindy Parks in Virginia, USA  who shares her love for Kahoot and some great learning games made for younger students!

Kahooting in kindergarten

“What I love most about my job is when a student says, “I can’t wait to do this again!”.  How many of us as teachers hear that after a spelling test or multiplication facts quiz or a book report?! (Yeah, me neither).  Technology changes that.  Fun and engaging technology, like Kahoot!, definitely changes that!

In the elementary school setting, the “littles” (younger kids, 2nd graders and under) can sadly, almost be invisible to technology.  Middle and high school students can’t hide the ease in which they jump right into online projects and great apps from Google and the world of Apple, while the littles are sometimes left to skills based programs in the computer lab.

I left kindergarten last year and entered the ITRT (instructional technology resource teacher) world.  Digital project design, training teachers, and getting devices in the hands of the littles came fairly naturally to a former kindergarten teacher.  In my own classroom, with guidance, I appreciated how technology changed my kids.  And, I wanted that for other classrooms filled with littles.

Finding a balance between instructional rigor, pacing, testing and fun can be maddening.  Classroom teachers are busy and quite often tired.  Divisions often roll out new initiatives to apply to their already crowded daily schedule.  Now you want technology mixed in?? Where’s the time to learn it, apply it and teach it? I get it!

So, I’ve created a small selection of pre-made Kahoots for younger kids! Perfect for all you teachers who struggle with this. Now you have access to fun lessons (and also quick assessments)–ready to play in small groups, whole group, or independently.  

Creating Kindergarten Kahoots was fun and easy.  I’ve designed 10 to help get fun and engaging technology into the hands of the often overlooked littles.  It was something I felt I wanted to do for my fellow kindergarten and first grade teachers everywhere who are busy, tired, and needing something pre-built to get them started.  

So…have fun with Kindergarten Kahooting! You’re gonna smile when you hear your kids say, “I can’t wait to do this again!”

Have a look at Cindy’s selection of Kindergarten Kahoots. She has created several types, useful for practicing phonics, numbers and even telling time.

Beginning Sounds

Ending Sounds

You can email Cindy:

or tweet her her: @cparks351

Let us know if you find these useful, and if you use this model to create your own Kahoots for the ‘littles’!