Pyjama kahooting!

Recently Kahoot!’s Community Co-ordinator; Steph was scrolling through the daily Twitter feed and stumbled across a great photo of a group of students playing in their classroom, however these Kahoot!’ers! were dressed in their pyjamas!

Pyjama kahooting!

We got in touch with Eddy Delzer a 4th Grade Teacher to get more details! Eddy (@A11StarTweets & @3ddyD3lz) was kind enough to tell us about their class experience. Eddy’s class use Kahoot! to review concepts that they have already learnt, for example they read Winn Dixie at the beginning of the year and to review the theme and other literary elements- they played a Kahoot!

The class most recently took a Kahoot to show their knowledge on decimals, before they started Unit 4 in Everyday Math.

Eddy says “My students love using Kahoot! It is a  form of gamification that I use to get students engaged in their learning experience. If we could, we would be playing a Kahoot every day! Kahoot is a great way for students to compete against one another, while learning standards at the same time!”

Kahoot! pyjama days are a great idea and can be played at home, with friends or as Eddy proves…at school 🙂

Thanks for the inspiration Kahooters!