World Space Week

While we all can’t be out-of-this-world astronauts, we can all take part in the fun with these great kahoots – especially picked by GamesMaster Jay from our very own community team for your enjoyment!

1. Position and Motion

Look no further than this Space kahoot by jbutler21 for questions about position and motion of the earth in our solar system!

World Space Week


Students curious about the mystical world of NASA? Kahoot!’er antwantcookie has you covered with this 8-question NASA kahoot.

World Space Week

3. Planet Earth

Let’s not forget about the planet closest to our hearts – home! A great Earth quiz by Kahoot!’er jenlong87.

World Space Week

4. Space Trivia

Wanna keep it general, pop trivia style? Danahausen has a great overview with this Space kahoot.

World Space Week

5. Planets!

We absolutely love this awesome Planet kahoot by Kahoot! Ambassador Nik Chatzopoulos – it’s designed for primary school children, and perfect for learning about the solar system and gravity.

BONUS: Space Kahoot!’ing for Teachers

Last but not least… a bonus kahoot for you, because we are just that excited. Here’s our very own Space kahoot, designed especially for you to play at Parent-Teacher nights, EdCamps and in the Teachers’ Lounge. You’re welcome 😉

World Space Week

Share your World Space Week kahoots

Have you prepped a kahoot that’s out of this world (sorry, we just had to!)? Make sure to tweet it to us @GetKahoot or pop it on our Facebook page and we’ll make sure to share it in celebration!

Happy space Kahoot!’ing 🙂