Last week, we made our student-paced game mode, challenges, available on the web in addition to our mobile app. Playing Kahoot! as a challenge lets students play anywhere (in class or at home), anytime on students’ own devices.

With the questions and answers on students’ screens, student-paced kahoots increase focus, promote accuracy over speed, and decrease guesswork. They’re especially helpful for review and practice of important content.

Kids Playing Challenges

Here are some scenarios where you can use our new game mode to extend learning beyond live games and increase learning impact:

Replay live games for reinforcement

Replaying live games as a student-paced game is a great way for students to repeat, practice, and reinforce new knowledge they acquired in class. Playing at their own pace, they can focus on points that were more difficult for them, without the pressure of getting an answer in asap.

Tip ?: replay the live game as a student-paced kahoot to see if your class performs better.

Review content and prepare for tests

We hear from many teachers that they often use student-paced kahoots for test prep. For example, Cathy Yenca, superstar math teacher, told us that she uses the game mode both to complement live games and independently, too: “Having both asynchronous Kahoot! challenges and live games together helps keep making learning (and reviewing) awesome!”

Tip ?: when playing Kahoot! as a challenge, turn off the timer when you’d like to put extra emphasis on accuracy instead of speed.

Use for workstations in class

Now our new game mode is available on computers, too, it’s going to be even easier to use them on workstations in class. Encourage students to work in pairs or small groups to collaborate, discuss, and explain a topic to each other.

Tip ?: randomize the order of answers to make the game a bit different for each study group.

Assign homework that corrects itself

It takes quite a bit of time to check and correct homework assignments on paper before you give feedback to students. Assigning kahoots as homework will save your time because this kind of homework corrects itself and gives students instant feedback as they play. Mr. Warren, creator of the awesome “Play Kahoot!” music video, made a very creative take on why student-paced kahoots rock as a homework tool:

Tip ?: Sharing games just got even easier! When creating a student-paced challenge, you can share it to Google Classroom, Remind, or Microsoft Teams with just one click!

Assess knowledge to plan classes

Before you start a new topic, send out a short student-paced kahoot to assess prior knowledge. This will help you fine-tune your teaching plan and understand which areas you need to emphasize.

Tip ?: when you’re looking at a report, go to the Difficult questions tab to identify knowledge gaps.

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If you’re not sure how it works, check out this blog post for a how-to recap!