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20 Oct 2015

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Kahoot!’ing for a cause: Internet For All

Digitally savvy seniors played the biggest kahoot ever (4,000 players!) as part of Telenor’s “Internet for All” campaign. Here’s their story!

A little Kahoot! trivia for you : We’re Norwegian! While this isn’t a huge shocker to some, we love our roots and getting to be neighbors with other exciting companies doing great things.

Enter Telenor – one of the world’s largest mobile companies with a heart to match (and offices just outside of Oslo!). Their Internet For All campaign tugs at our heartstrings for making the world just a little more magic for everyone.

Kahoot!'ing for a cause: Internet for all

n the spirit of this, every year Telenor invites a veritable arena-full of users to the Telenor Arena to hang out with their very own team – and we were super honored to be invited to join the fun this year!

Kahoot!'ing for a cause: Internet for all

The power to learn whatever you want, no matter your age

This year’s event revolved around seniors becoming savvy digital citizens with the power to learn whatever they want, no matter their age. Over 3,000 mature minds turned up, and had a blast spending the day learning more about smartphones, tablets, and everything web. Somewhere in Norway there are very happy children who no longer need to show their grandparents how to use Google Maps or find the news — or the greatest challenge ever, explain YouTube — EPIC win, Telenor!


Seeing everyone’s face light up with excitement and joy after a long day of learning made our day!

Hosting the Biggest Kahoot *Ever*

But hey, where do we fit into this puzzle? Well, other than being enthusiastic attendees, we did host just The Biggest Kahoot Ever – no biggie. More than 4,000 people took part, huddled in small groups to play Kahoot! together. Awesome doesn’t even cover it – but it’ll have to do!

Kahoot!'ing for a cause: Internet for all

To up the ante for the lucky attendees, this game of Kahoot! got the VIP treatment being hosted by a famous Norwegian TV celebrity, and prizes were waiting patiently for their victorious recipients. Three lucky winners took away the latest tablet from Sony! (Sadly, no one on the K!rew got one, better luck next time!)

Kahoot!'ing for a cause: Internet for all

But for us, seeing everyone’s face light up with excitement and joy after a long day of learning made our day – as it always does. Mushy, yes – mindblowingly lucky, also yes!

Thanks again (or as we say in Norway, takk!) to Telenor for doing their part to make the Internet the awesome network it is, and enabling us to connect more people around our favorite pursuit – learning. The world’s a little better for it each day, just like we are for getting to work on cool projects like this with you!

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