This article was written by Erik Harrell, CEO in 2016-2018

Today, we’re proud to announce the milestone of reaching 50 million monthly active users, a growth rate of 70% compared to the same time last year! Out of these 50 million, over 30 million monthly active Kahoot!’ers are in United States alone.

We are also proud to say that the global Kahoot! community has created 20 million public kahoots for anyone to play. This is in addition to the 15 million private kahoots that exist on the platform.

This could only be possible thanks to your support, our amazing community of teachers and learners, and our mission-based efforts to unlock the deepest potential of every learner, no matter the location, age or context.

Inspiring stories of educators and learners

Each and every one of these Kahoot!’ers has an inspiring story. Which is why, as we celebrate the amazing milestone, we want to amplify the unique voices and stories of the educators and learners all over the world who are brought together by Kahoot!

This celebration is for people like Carol Salva, ESL teacher and proud Kahoot! Ambassador, who uses the platform to help refugees and recent immigrants learn English whilst celebrating their identities and homelands.

It’s also for people like Gina Ruffcorn, who uses Kahoot! with Skype to help her students connect and interact with students all over the world, to share and experience different cultures and languages without leaving the walls of the classroom.

Finally, it’s for people like Sean Gaillard, school Principal and Kahoot! Ambassador, who makes the most of the whole Kahoot! experience to promote a positive, growth mindset amongst his students.

This celebration is for all teachers of awesome and classroom superheroes that disrupt learning all over the globe!

It’s stories like these which prove Kahoot! is so much more than just a technology or a tool – it’s a canvas for making learning fun, magical, engaging, and ultimately, awesome for all learners.

With every question asked, every answer chosen, every magic moment and epic win experienced by these 50 million monthly active users, we’re grateful to our community for bringing joy and play into learning with us, in the classroom and beyond.

How we compare to other game changers in technology

Kahoot!’s rapid growth to 50M users, 2013-2017

Kahoot! monthly active users

Interactive map: where Kahoot! is played around the world

Global learning unleashed!

Interactive map: where Kahoot! is played

Onwards and upwards into the future

Now used by over a third of all US K-12 students on monthly basis, and present in the classrooms of 2 million U.S. K-12 teachers, we are well positioned to achieve our overarching vision: to unlock the deepest potential of each and every learner, of all ages and in all contexts by making learning fun, magical, inclusive, engaging and sharable through games.

Kahoot! is a global phenomenon with players in close to 200 countries. The top 5 countries by players being United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Kahoot! is certainly most popular with teachers as they make up the large majority of the player audience but is also enjoyed by students, social players and players in corporate settings. Math is a popular topic among Kahoot! users with six out of the top 10 educational searches being math-related.

We’re geared up to make some exciting announcements at the ISTE Conference in San Antonio, including the preview of our upcoming Kahoot! mobile app, so stay tuned! Hope to see you there!