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13 Jan 2016

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Kahoot of the day: British fashion

Who, What, Wear: British Fashion in the 1930s and 40s sashays into our Featured list for a rather stylish twist on learning. Find out what we loved most about this British Fashion kahoot…

We were looking for British kahoots to play along with our new Brit-inspired Kahoot! theme music, and came across this fantastic kahoot by brookeajackson: Who, What, Wear: British Fashion in the 1930s and 40s. Here’s why we thought it was a great kahoot to play, plus a few tips on how to adapt or play it.

1. What a great title!

When you’ve worked hard to create an awesome kahoot, it deserves to be played by as many people as possible. Think about what will make your learning game stand out from the crowd, especially when it’s for a popular subject. This Kahoot!’er used a descriptive title to make the game super easy to find, plus a catchy little play on words to reel in players. Nice.

2. The clues are in the photos

No matter what the subject, we always recommend using high quality photos and videos – not only do they increase engagement, but they also help crystallize concepts for people who are more visual learners. In this kahoot, brookeajackson takes the use of images a step further by getting players to scrutinise them to correctly answer a question.

TOP TIP: Make the photo questions even trickier using “image reveal” animated gifs – here’s how! Remember to click the Full Screen button (top right) before or during gameplay to make the most of your pictures.

British fashion

3. We learned lots!

We love how the questions themselves are peppered with interesting facts and discussion prompts, giving us many more opportunities to learn something new. Take the question below for example – just by the way the question was phrased, we learned that this person won a Nobel Prize, which prompted some thinking and research about what the Nobel Prize was for, and discussion about pioneering women in science. Wow.

British fashion

Tips for playing or adapting this kahoot:

  • Embed video clips from AP Archive’s Fashion archive on YouTube (it’s free to use) – there are interviews with fashion icons and young designers, fabulous catwalk moments, features about shoes through the ages, and much more. Just duplicate the kahoot, edit, and then either add new questions or swap the existing images with the videos you want to use.
  • British Fashion is a popular topic all around the world – why not connect with some friends on a video call (for example, Appear.In, Google Hangouts or Skype) and launch the game on a shared screen?
  • Use this kahoot as a prompt to delve into wider discussions, such as how world events, politics and music affect fashion!

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