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27 Jan 2016

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Kahoot! hero spotlight: global Kahoot!’ing with Jen Williams

Today we wanted to take a few minutes to give a big high five to Jennifer Williams, one of our favorite Top Kahoot!’ers (and a founding Kahoot! Ambassador!). Here’s why…

A real life classroom hero, Jen is the co-founder and lead program developer for Calliope Global where she works with schools, universities, and organizations from around the world as a transformational leader in education. Working with such diverse audiences makes for lots of fun, especially when she’s able to instantly engage all of them with Kahoot!

Digital collaboration for educational benefit ​

Last summer Jen sent us an incredible case study that she created with Eoin Lenihan, a lecturer of Pedagogy at the University of Augsburg, Germany. They met via twitter from running in similar educational circles, and soon decided they wanted to develop a lecture for Eoin’s students to demonstrate the importance of global connectedness through the creative uses of tech! Sign. Us. Up.

Not only were we intrigued by their superb use of digital collaboration for educational benefit (which is spot on, if you ask us) – but how effective it was at responding to real challenges teachers face.

With self motivated learning and intellectual curiosity never being more paramount, Eoin and his students joined Jen via screensharing to discuss how tech is redefining the learning experience.

Jen Williams

After the lecture was over, Eoin’s class found Kahoot! to be a force of nature that prioritized the best parts of learning: collaboration and engagement!


“Kahoot is simply fun!”

While we love a good compliment, the story doesn’t end there. Over the course of the next few weeks the students continued to explore new ways to use Kahoot! in the classroom – while Jennifer and Eoin gauged how useful their lecture was with a survey kahoot (over screenshare, no less!) to assess its impact.

A simple three question Kahoot! survey got to the heart of their mission, asking:

What area of learning most connected to your own personal why?

Which pedagogical practice would you like to explore further?

Which tech tool would you like to put into institutional practice?

With no right or wrong answers, the survey afforded Jen and Eoin an immediate snapshot into how everyone felt about the lecture, and helped them refine future instruction over the course of the class.

Enriched learning, without borders

Overall, it sounds like the whole project was a huge success – and we’re so glad we got to be part of it! How amazing is it that with a few clicks we can be anywhere in the world, talking with educators and students we may never have had the chance to ‘meet’ otherwise? Truly mindblowing stuff! And when that leads to global mindshares that result in enriched learning across country borders, even more so.

It’s such a pleasure to report on stories like this, and celebrating Jen for all she has done and continues to do for our community. She deserves our biggest and best gold star, and we’re more than happy to give it to her!

Getting global in your classroom?

Send your long distance stories our way @GetKahoot, and we’ll make sure to share them with our community in over 180+ countries!

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