The customer is king, queen, and everything. This is the customer centric way of product development.

This is a story about how we implemented close to 70% of all feature requests by customers in less than three years, and how we support our millions of global users by developing the most engaging learning tool in the world.

Customer-centered from day 1

Since the very beginning, when Kahoot! was presented at SXSW EDU in 2013,  customer feedback has been a cornerstone of our development, and a huge part of the organic growth we have seen ever since. 

In the early days, a key part of developing our product was through collecting feedback from school visits, showcasing Kahoot! at all sorts of conferences, focus groups, and importantly, creating a close relationship with our ambassadors: teachers who were using our product every day to bring joy in learning to their classrooms. 

Soon after, we began exploring the unique needs of people using Kahoot! at work and at home, as well as educational leaders who wanted to bring Kahoot! to their entire school or school district, which led to developing new features and offerings tailored for those users. 

As we have grown, this foundational value within our company has stayed with us. The customers and customers’ needs are key to how we develop and create even better experiences on Kahoot!. Now, with more than 9 billion non-unique participants in over 200 countries and regions, since we launched the Kahoot! service, we still get to visit schools and invite classes to our offices. Our community of ambassadors has never been larger with 975 champions of awesome learning globally, and they’re doing amazing things. See how one Kahoot! Ambassador, Steve Auslander, has connected thousands of students around the world through the Kahoot! Cup:

Interested in helping to make Kahoot! even more awesome, while showing other educators how they can supercharge learning with Kahoot!? Sign up to join us as a Kahoot! Ambassador

Making learning awesome is a team effort

To make sure we can put our users’ valuable insights into action, we dedicate more than half of the Kahoot! team to R&D and product development. But it doesn’t stop there. The whole company is fully dedicated to a principle of “think customer first,” which results in an endless flow of ideas trickling down to our product teams. 

For years, the sales teams have been collecting and reporting customer feedback to our product teams, and we connect frequently to establish priority and set expectations for our customers. 

The support team that I manage is doing much of the same. We collect and organize ideas from our users around the world, and on top of that, we have established a community page where we are encouraging people to share, vote, – and comment on product ideas. The product teams love hearing this input from users, and the customer feedback goes straight into the product roadmap either for development or as improvement of existing features. 

Many of our most popular features were inspired by customer feedback, including our new game modes, our read aloud feature, interactive presentations and lessons, our integration with Zoom, and support for different languages on Kahoot! (now at 18 languages and counting!), just to name a few.

In a recent house cleaning of our community page, we noticed that 67% of the features customers requested in the last three years had been delivered and were live in the product. We’re thrilled to collaborate with our customers to bring so many great ideas to life, and show our users that they truly are at the heart of everything we do.

At Kahoot!, we want to be really good listeners 

Finally, since 2018, we have been tracking Net Promoter Score (NPS)—measuring how likely it is that customers will stick with a product and recommend it to others—at different stages of a customer’s life cycle. In this way, we can better understand how our users feel about Kahoot! and what feedback they offer as they mature and use the product more. 

By staying in touch with our customers, everyone on the Kahoot! team can explore and discuss customer feedback from all the different segments, allowing us to address issues faster. The support team is now also reaching out directly to customers who have certain questions or need help with a specific issue, helping customers resolve their concerns quicker so they can get back to Kahoot!’ing.

Reporting customer feedback to our product teams and business units helps them improve and adjust, giving Kahoot! users a better and better experience. We see this reflected by our subscribers continuing to increase each quarter, as more users across school, work, and home see the value of our ever-growing suite of premium features.

These are some of many customer centric initiatives that we at Kahoot! put forward every day to make a fantastic product. Our purpose at Kahoot! is to make learning engaging and impactful for learners of all ages worldwide, and we would not be here without you. That’s why every voice is important to us! 

Do you have an idea or suggestion to make Kahoot! even better? We want to hear from you! Visit our community page to request a new feature and share and explore product ideas with other Kahoot! users.