Ever tried putting the Kahoot!’ing into the hands of young students? Elementary school teacher Miss Andersen introduced us to Mariah, a super smart sixth grader hailing from Eckert Intermediate School in Houston, Texas.

Confident and definitely very tech savvy, Mariah brought her first-hand insights to a panel on paperless classrooms at TCCA, fielding questions from educators and ed tech specialists alike. We got to steal her and her teacher away to our stand, Planet Curious, to talk to us about how they use Kahoot!

Kahoot and Mariah, learners to leaders

Now an avid Kahoot!’er, Mariah started her creator journey after teacher Miss Anderson started using Kahoot! in class.

“Students enjoy the competition greatly. They like the hands-on experience. It works great for all types of learners. For my visual learners, they could see the questions and pictorial representation. For my auditory learners, I was able to read the questions aloud as needed. My kinesthetic learners had the opportunity to be hands on with the choosing of answers. Lastly, my musical students had the music to help them stay engaged.”

As a student, Mariah was encouraged to go ahead and try creating her own learning games on her tablet. She got started with a topic she knows well – a kahoot about herself, or what we like to call the Kahoot! Selfie.

We’re delighted to report that Mariah was really pleased at how quick and easy it was to make a kahoot herself and plans on making more soon! Her mom was all too happy to be her first guinea pig, and (thankfully) earned a near-perfect score.

Want to turn your learners into leaders?

We’re big believers in empowering young people to plan, research, and host their own kahoots. Read about our Learners to Leaders pedagogy to find out why, and for tips on getting started.

Have you tried it in your class? Share your stories @getkahoot!