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10 May 2016

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The power of Kahoot!: magic moments captured on video

Our shiny new homepage video is the ultimate celebration of playing to learn, bringing together awesome clips sent in by Kahoot!’ers around the world. Let’s take a closer look at our contributors…

YES! Is a dance move, and we totally love it

Cassandra Farzalo’s 3rd grade class at Koontz Elementary in Salisbury, NC know the meaning of an epic win, and aren’t afraid to celebrate it. You go, guys!

Your next kahoot isn’t the only thing that can be tricky

Erin Collett Mills at LCA in Lynchburg, VA keeps her students on their toes – and the reaction is priceless!

When Your Teacher Tricks You On A Kahoot from Erin Collett Mills on Vimeo.


Hungry for Knowledge?

What goes better with lunch than a little bit of healthy competition? We love that Bjerke Upper Secondary School brought their students together with a great, relaxed game during lunch. Looks like a new tradition to us!

KAHOOT – Promo Video For Bjerke VGS from Jens Emil Asp on Vimeo.

We Want to Kahoot! With This Class Every Day

A bit of a legend with nearly 4 million views, this clip is one of our very favorites in Kahoot! History. Consider yourself invited to the Kahoot! Offices to teach us your dance moves!

Mini Kahoot!’ers at Home!

We try to keep the gushing to a minimum at Kahoot!, but how adorable are these little guys Kahoot!’ing at home? Too sweet, thanks Pekka Lumijärvi!

Discovering the Great Outdoors!

There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to get your brain charged up and ready to go, is there? Sean Gardner’s 4th grade math class took full advantage of all nature had to offer and aced their kahoot with a little help from their iPads – blended learning for the win!

Undercover Kahoot!’ing!

It looks like we have a budding video journalist as part of our awesome community – thanks for capturing this great game on camera for us, Em!

Could this be Kahoot!’s future IT Department?!

There is nothing that makes us happier than hearing a big “woo hoo!” after someone gets an answer right during their kahoot, and even MORE so when that answer happens to belong to a techie question. (We may be a little biased, being a website!) Great job, Management Information System students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University!

Rock and Roll to Victory!

Filmed in 2013, this clip was one of the first big “aha” moments for the K!rew – building something we loved and believed in was a bit scary at first, but every part of it was worth it to get a mega positive reaction like this. You most definitely do rock our world, Ratton School!

Bringing the Campfire into the Classroom!

Teamwork wins again with this awesome glass of 6th graders who banded together, making for an ultra engaged kahoot!

Aprenem jugant amb kahoot 6è from mjose on Vimeo.

On a (Pay)Roll in Accounting Class!

With a coffee mug in hand and a gripping kahoot for his Accounting 1 students, Mike Peterson transforms his class into learning warriors with a razor sharp focus on one thing – their super fast (and correct) answers!

Take a Trip to Thailand with these Kahoot!’ers!

As we’ve shared before, one of the best parts of making Kahoot! is getting to be part of the Global Classroom and helping learners and leaders create really amazing moments like this with just a few clicks. Keep up the great work, Ban Tanyong Lulo School!

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for watching, and be sure to like and share those magic moments if you enjoyed the clips as much as we did!

Have a great video of your own? Send it to us @GetKahoot and it could make the director’s cut next time, too! 🙂

Happy Kahoot!’ing!