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23 May 2016

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Kahoot! hero spotlight: 10th Grade student Ben

Meet learner to leader Ben from Pennsylvania – a tech savvy 10th grader who is inspiring his peers with how he creates, leads and shares kahoots!

Hi Kahoot!’ers!

We are so pleased to shine our brightest light on Ben Johnson – a tenth grade student who loves Kahoot!, and learning even more! His Spanish teacher, Rachelle Poth is a big believer in using blended tech and learning tools in her classroom. We had the pleasure of meeting her at ISTE 2015 and heard all about how she and her students love Kahoot!’ing in Spanish class – Ben especially!

“I’ve never seen anything like Kahoot! before”

Ben is really bright and inspiring to us not only because he loves Kahoot! – but how he uses it. Ben creates kahoots that improve his understanding of school subjects, and happily takes the driver’s seat in his own learning journey with a little help from us. Using kahoots specifically designed to help bridge any gaps he encounters with a subject, he identifies areas that he needs help with. Amazing, right? Such a stellar example of our learners to leaders pedagogy in action!

That same self-motivation is what leads Ben to inspire his peers to create, play, and share kahoots as well – and his approach has influenced his teachers, too! His History and English teachers happily took note of what an impact Kahoot! has been having on Ben and his peers and have followed suit, meaning more supercharged learning sessions for Ben – somehow we think he’s on to something here..!

“You can be creative with it, you know, it’s Kahoot!”

Ben’s favorite part about Kahoot! Is the ability to have 4 answer options, so when he’s creating Spanish kahoots he can add to correct answers (for example, two correct spellings of the word ‘banana’ in Spanish) to keep him and his peers on his toes. Another great addition for him was our new release, #TeamMode, which lets him team up with his fellow students to make each win a collaborative effort!

Becoming a Learning Tech Cheerleader

What’s next for Ben? Center stage at tech conferences and events, which he attends for school! Recently he attended the PAECT Student Showcase in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he spread the word about Kahoot! to sessions packed with legislators and the public – very impressive indeed!

Ben has reached new personal academic heights and has soared into the blended learning stratosphere thanks to his intellectual ambitions, and we are so proud that he’s adopted us as his partner in learning throughout his incredible journey.

Ben Johnson's photo

Inspired to start your own Kahoot! journey to the stars?

Write in and tell us how you Kahoot! and how it’s changed the way you learn @GetKahoot, and we’ll make sure to share it here with our global community, and your next biggest fans – the K!Rew! Finally, a big shoutout to our very own @KahootSteph and @KahootKaja for making this interview happen – they’re always after our next greatest user story, so make sure to say hello! 🙂

For tips on encouraging learners to create their own kahoots, skip to page 27 of our Kahoot! Academy Guide. Happy Kahoot!’ing!