According to our recent survey, 4 in 5 Kahoot! educators currently teach in a fully virtual or hybrid environment. To inspire and empower educators with best practices and new features to make hybrid learning awesome, we hosted Kahoot! EDU Meetup: Spring edition on March 17.

20,000 registered participants, 11 fantastic speakers, 3 hours of insightful sessions with our ambassadors and team members, nearly 1,000 questions answered in real time – we had a blast! Thank you all for attending our event and showing so much engagement and enthusiasm during our presentations and live kahoots!

If you missed some of the sessions or couldn’t attend the event that day, not to worry you can watch the video recordings on the event page or in this post.

Kahoot! ambassadors shared their best practices of hybrid learning and reflected on the future of classrooms

In a panel discussion moderated by elementary school teacher and EdTech enthusiast Diana Mancuso, tech integration specialist Monique Chatman, school leader Cutia Blunt, and educator Glenn Cake talked about teaching in a hybrid environment and how they think classrooms will change in the future. Watch the entire session:

George Pearce, math and science teacher, recently connected 5,000+ students across Manitoba in a massive virtual kahoot. He shared his inspiring story of building and maintaining a strong community with teachers, students and parents during lockdown and beyond. Listen and learn!

Being able to collect instant student feedback is crucial when you’re teaching virtually or in a hybrid format. Our ambassador Gina Ruffcorn gave the event attendees a deep dive into instant assessment with Kahoot!:

Make the live Kahoot! experience more inclusive with the single screen game option

You asked – we delivered! Now, you can display questions and answers on students’ devices when you’re hosting a live kahoot in class or virtually, providing a more accessible and inclusive experience for all. Hear about this and other awesome Kahoot! updates for hybrid learning in the session by Sean D’Arcy who leads Kahoot! at school:

Teach interactive lessons with Kahoot! slides in class, virtually and in a hybrid environment

Combining interactive questions with slides in your kahoots is a great way to deepen learning and create teachable moments in class and virtually. Did you know that all K-12 teachers and students can now add classic slides for free? By upgrading your account, you can access advanced slide layouts – get an overview of our available plans for teachers.

Speaking of slides – we’re working on integrating Kahoot! with PowerPoint which means that very soon you’ll be able to start a kahoot without switching from your presentation.

Make learning awesome in your native language!

In addition to English, the interface of the Kahoot! app supports 4 more languages: Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian. We have more languages lined up for the coming months, and later this year, we’re also adding localized versions to our web platform to make the Kahoot! experience more accessible and relevant for our global audience.

Coming soon: read aloud functionality in the Kahoot! app

To enhance the Kahoot! experience for hybrid learning, language learning, as well as making it more accessible for young learners, we’re working on a read aloud function in our app. It will read out questions in student-paced challenges and study modes in 37 languages! Stay tuned!

Kahoot! Academy announced new community features to connect educators globally

Kahoot! Academy takes knowledge sharing to the next level with the introduction of new community features on its educator platform! Verified educators will be able to create and grow their own community within Kahoot! Academy, expand their educator network, connect with like-minded followers and get direct feedback on their learning content. Apply to become a Verified educator and get ready! Catch up on the announcement here:

Make math awesome in any learning environment with Kahoot! Toolbox by DragonBox

The Kahoot! family of products for learning has been growing! Attendees of the Kahoot! EDU Meetup got a sneak peek of Kahoot! Toolbox, a new and innovative tool for math teaching that allows you and your students to explore math in a completely new way in class and at home. Would you like to help us test it or get notified when it’s available for educators? Sign up at! introduced its whiteboard tool that makes online learning more engaging is the latest addition to the Kahoot! family of learning apps. They gave a demo of their online whiteboard tool that can help you engage students in any learning environment – don’t miss out! Until March 31st, you can redeem 30% off on their website with the code KAHOOTEDUMEETUP – sign up today!

Drops showed how to make language learning awesome

Drops, a game-based language learning platform, is AWESOME for hybrid learning! It’s an excellent addition to language learning in class as students can practice their vocabulary at home at their own pace. Use discount code DROPSTEACHERS to sign up at and save 60% on Drops’ offering until March 22!

Get to know DragonBox, and Drops by watching the segment with their sessions here:

We hope these sessions inspire, motivate and empower you to make learning awesome in any environment!

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