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15 Feb 2017

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How to launch a game of kahoot in Team Mode

Check out this tutorial on how to launch a game of kahoot in Team Mode, a way to play Kahoot! with shared devices, instead of one per player!

Team Mode was designed to boost collaboration, and is a way to play Kahoot! with shared devices – phones, tablets or computers!


 How To Steps:

1) Choose your game and hit the ‘Play’ button

2) Click the ‘Team Mode’ option for shared devices

3) Players then need to get into their teams. Each team should have a shared device – this could be a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop!

4) Players enter the Game PIN as usual, but instead of entering one nickname, they choose a team name for themselves

5) They then enter the individual nicknames of all the players on the team, which will appear on screen

6) Team Mode also has a 5 second countdown known as ‘Team Talk’ before each question can be answered – this ensures team players discuss the question and answers together before making their choice!

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