How to download and evaluate Kahoot! results data

Want a complete overview of how each of your students did during a game of Kahoot? Check out this tutorial on how to download and evaluate kahoot results data!

February 20, 2017

Step by step guide to downloading kahoot results:

  1. Choose your game and hit the ‘Play’ button
  2. Click the ‘Classic Mode’ option for 1:1 devices. You can also select to play in ‘Team Mode’ if you have shared devices
  3. Players need to get ready with their devices to enter the Game PIN.
  4. Players enter the Game PIN as usual. Player names will appear on screen
  5. You are all now ready to play!
  6. Have fun playing your kahoot
  7. At the end of your kahoot, hit the ‘Get Results’ button
  8. Click the ‘Save Results’ button
  9. You can download you results by clicking the ‘Download Results’ button
  10. Or you can save to your Google Drive by clicking the ‘Save to Drive’ button
  11. You can also access results data in the ‘My Results’ section of your account
  12. Go to the top navigation bar and click your username
  13. Click ‘My Results’ in the drop down menu
  14. Access results data for recently played and previously played kahoots

Watch the tutorial video on how to download Kahoot! results data here:



The results-section allows you to see every student’s nickname and the answer they chose on each question. There are some basic statistics calculated, such as total correct answers and score. Besides a general overview, there are also tabs for detailed breakdowns of each question and a tab of raw data.

Top Tip: Use the raw data to build your own custom tables or charts!

Results come in .xlsx file format. You choose whether to download results directly to your device or upload them to Google Drive.

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Bryan Hahn February 20, 2017

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