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13 Mar 2017

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Pi Day or any day – create great math kahoots with these 3 tips

3/14 is not just another day in March – it’s Pi Day! As it approaches and provisions are gathered, we thought it’s a great time to share some handy tips on making your math kahoots more awesome.

Graphs, animated gifs and greek symbols – find out how to use them to make math kahoots even more engaging on Pi Day, or any other day. As a little extra, we have also selected some great, educational kahoots for you to amplify the learning!

Insert mathematical symbols in rich text editor

Need to insert a special symbol into a question? That’s quick and easy! Our rich text editor is the secret weapon to inserting mathematical symbols while creating your kahoot. Simply click inside the answer input field, a small table will appear. Click the Ω symbol and the symbol picker will appear. Use them to simplify your quiz making experience and to review more complex math problems.

Illustrate math problems with graphs

Graphs are another complementary tool to illustrate maths problems for your class! Just remember to export them as .JPEGs and you’re on your way to making math your students’ favorite subject (if it isn’t already!).

Pi day at Kahoot!

Animate your math kahoots with GIFs

GIFs are a great way to animate your kahoots without relying on video when audio isn’t required. While it’s often a format for funny clips of cute animals, some creators have really pushed the medium with informative and educational exceptions. Visualizing complex ideas no longer has to be a barrier to entry! We see massive potential here – and hope you do to.

Math gif

Looking for some awesome kahoots to play in your classroom on Pi day? Have a look at these. Brush up on your Pi trivia, build up your problem solving skills and last but not least – have fun


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