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12 Jan 2016

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Kahoot of the day: Quadratic equations

Kahoot!’er sksnokahoots makes Algebra fun with this kahoot about Quadratic Equations! Our resident math pro takes us through what makes this an awesome math kahoot, plus some tips on how to play.

Today’s Kahoot of the Day is Quadratic Equations by sksnokahoots – you can preview it, play it, or even adapt it for your own students! To help you learn how to make great math kahoots like this one, we’ve added some notes below on what we loved about it. Happy Kahoot!’ing 🙂

1. One of the most common oversights when solving quadratic equations is forgetting to set the equation to zero. This insightful Kahoot!’er gets around the problem by including a reminder right there in the launch screen!

Quadratic equations

2. Algebra students may well be able to memorize the quadratic equation without knowing what it actually means or visualize the graph. We really like how the creator kicked off with a quick refresh of what a quadratic graph is NOT, before diving into the quadratic graphs and equations.

Quadratic equations

TOP TIP: This question is the perfect opportunity to spot gaps in knowledge. Did anyone get this question wrong? Click “Show image” to bring up the graph again and take some time to explain the difference between linear, polynomial, exponential and quadratic graphs.

3. With every question, there is a subtle little reminder that the ‘square’ is what gives a quadratic equation its very… erm… quadratic-ness. (square = quad… get it?) There is great power in repetition, so repeating core math facts like this – little and often – is a great way to make knowledge stick.

Quadratic equations

4. Check out the timer settings! For challenging questions, like actually solving the quadratic equations, this Kahoot!’er has made sure that students have time to grab a pencil and paper and work out their answers rather than just guessing.

Quadratic equations

5. Using the right tags is such a tiny detail and often overlooked. This Kahoot!’er makes it easy for people learning or teaching algebra to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Quadratic equations

Tips for playing or adapting this Math kahoot

  • Make sure everyone’s got a pencil and paper handy – quadratics are notoriously tricky to solve in your head!
  • If launching on a large screen or an interactive whiteboard, replace the images with sharp, high resolution images. You can easily create your own for free using Pixlr Express or Canva, or create them in Word or Powerpoint and take a screen grab (Ctrl+PrintScreen on PC, or Cmd+Shift+4 on Mac)
  • Play again in Ghost Mode! You can even share the Ghost Mode link with students for them to play as (fun) homework.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…

Think your learners know how to solve basic quadratics and are ready to move on? Try creating a kahoot like this one, but with more challenging questions – ones where students first need to set the equations to zero.

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