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28 Mar 2017

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Adding media before or after questions in your kahoot – Support Chief weekly “hacks”

In this week’s “weekly hack” by Support Chief Bryan, you’ll find out how to add media before or after a question in your kahoot game to make learning more engaging!

As Support Chief, I help our K!rew understand challenges and ideas that our community shares with us. A few questions I regularly hear are…

Can I play a video before students can answer?

… or…

Can I reveal an image after everyone after everyone’s answered a question?

… And the beauty of being Support Chief is that YOU actually help me find workarounds, even if these features aren’t currently in our platform! So here’s a “hack” for nicely weaving media into your kahoot:

The solution is to upload your media into a separate question. This is a great opportunity to go way broader than just review concepts. You can also gauge opinions and encourage discussion, or see what learners know before you teach them!

Inserting media before question: best practices

To activate your students, you can start a kahoot by showing a video and asking a follow up question. First of all, this will help you get your class’ attention. Additionally, this would allow you to ask for comments on the quality of your video or images as you present them. This feedback can be helpful for you when seeking media for future lessons. And you can retrieve it in your downloadable results!

Here are some tips from teachers that have tried this technique:

  • Turn off “Award points” so that responses don’t impact scores.
  • Set all answers as correct so that no one’s screen says they were wrong.
  • If it’s a video, set a short time limit (10 sec) to give some time after the video to give feedback. It’s a bit of a psychological trick to not give lots of time to think about how they feel, so that you get a raw response from learners.

How to set time limit in Kahoot!

*If everyone answers before a video finishes playing (or before you’re done speaking about an image), you can use the ‘show image‘ button to watch/see it again.

Set all answers as correct

A game concept where this hack can be especially handy is a blind kahoot. This is a powerful way to present info to your students when they’ve had no previous experience with the topic. If you’re not yet familiar with this technique, read this article to learn more about blind kahoots.

Inserting media after question: best practices

Inserting media after a question, you can use it as a review question that reinforces concepts and pinpoints key takeaways. This way, you can also ask students how confident they are about the topic – another important factor in planning future lessons.

How to insert media after a question

Aside from the same tips as if you were showing this media before a question, here’s one more thing to consider:

  • Once everyone’s answered, discuss the live results! If an answer response you created was, “I have a question” and someone chose that, ask the audience if that person wouldn’t mind standing up and sharing. In the image above, answers 2, 3, and 4 are all great discussion fodder.

I hope this hack serves you well and that you find new and creative ways to play with it! I’d love to hear about your experiences and discoveries. If you’re an educator and want to share your own story with us, please feel free to join our Facebook Community, or tweet us @GetKahoot!