Our favorite thing about ISTE is getting a chance to meet so many avid Kahoot!’ers in person! 3 days filled with exciting conversations about all things learning, making lots of new friends, meeting other innovative EdTech companies – we had a blast!

Inspiring sessions with Kahoot! heroes

Several hero educators and Kahoot! champions joined us at our booth to host some amazing sessions about their Kahoot! Experience. Stories so diverse and so inspiring! Sessions were packed – it was fantastic to have so much interest from ISTE guests!

  • Carol Salva presented her best practices of breaking the ice in the class with Kahoot! and using it to teach English as second language. If you didn’t attend the session, check out this fabulous article Carol put together.
  • Fran Siracusa showed some real magic of global learning, hosting a massive connected kahoot right at our booth. Stay tuned for a deeper dive of this session soon!
  • Leslie Fisher did an amazing walk-through of advanced Kahoot! features that can take your classroom experience to the next level. We’ll also be sharing more on this session soon!
  • Rachelle Poth shared her secrets of encouraging learners to take the lead in the class. We hope it inspired more educators to try it in their class!
  • Amber McCormick ran a highly motivating – and packed! – session about using Kahoot! to teach students about different countries and cultures in the world.

We were thrilled to have you, guys! <3

We presented our new mobile app

Big event – big news! We saved a secret to reveal it at ISTE… On Monday, we presented the beta of our brand new mobile app that unlocks after-class Kahoot!’ing with a mission to make homework awesome!

Not only we demoed it at our booth, but also got an honor to have it presented at Monday keynote by wonderful Leslie Fisher. We’re stoked about the enthusiastic response we got from you! Every time we logged on to Twitter to read it, we almost felt like kids peeking under the Christmas tree 🙂



Read more about the app and sign up to preview it! Hurry up, we can only invite a limited number of beta testers!

Our Microsoft apps were in the spotlight, too

Our awesome Ambassador Jennifer Williams hosted a demo of the Kahoot! apps for Windows – Kahoot! Create and Kahoot! Play, which you can download now from the Microsoft store!

Thanks for this week! Definitely one to remember!