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13 Jul 2021

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Discover how to learn like a pro! Watch our free masterclass with learning expert Olav Schewe on-demand

Are you easily distracted? Do you find it difficult to remember important information at work? Discover how to overcome these challenges and learn more effectively by watching Olav Schewe’s free two-part masterclass on-demand.

We were delighted to host a two-part virtual masterclass with learning expert, author, and speaker Olav Schewe on June 15 and June 22. The two 45-minute sessions explored the science behind learning to provide hundreds of attendees with the tools to learn more effectively in the workplace.

Missed the masterclass? No problem! You can now watch both sessions on-demand. Check them out for free, and start building effective learning habits based on the latest insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology. You’ll discover how to:

  • Learn faster and with less frustration
  • Grasp complex concepts quickly
  • Present information in a way that allows others to understand key ideas
  • Make sure important information sticks and see how it’s stored
  • Understand what happens in your brain during learning

Here’s a quick recap of both sessions!

Part 1: The neuroscience of learning and how to make knowledge stick

A recent study by UC Berkeley found that 74% of high performing individuals are constantly looking for ways to learn and improve. But what does it take to become great at something, and how can we learn effectively?

In the first session, Olav explained the neuroscience of learning and how retrieval practice – including kahoots – is the best way to remember key information. He gave fantastic insight into how to build strong neuron links in your brain to improve long-term memory and learning results. For instance, did you know that your long-term memory has enough capacity to remember every book ever written?

Interestingly, Olav stated just how important curiosity and dopamine are in the learning process and gave top tips for improving both your short- and long-term memory, including how to effectively space out learning sessions to make knowledge stick and maximize results.

Watch Learn Like a Pro – Part 1

Part 2: How to maximize your working memory

Did you know that, on average, we only store four to five words in our working memory? Working memory supports the short-term storage and processing of information, and the larger it is, the faster you think, read, and understand problems. But those with smaller working memory are typically more creative and can come up with more original solutions to problems.

In the second session, Olav explains how to maximize your working memory without overwhelming it; from using pen and paper to using visual cues to reduce cognitive load. He also provides actionable tips for delivering impactful presentations by reducing the working memory load and gave first-hand insight into how strategic breaks can help unburden your working memory.

Watch Learn Like a Pro – Part 2

Tip: Be sure to watch the Q&A at the end of both sessions for even more insight.

Get to know Olav Schewe

Olav is a learning expert who collaborates with Kahoot! as a pedagogy advisor. He’s written for Kahoot! and authored two books on learning. His latest publication, Learn Like a Pro, was written in conjunction with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Barbara Oakley. It shares top insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to help anyone learn more effectively. To accompany the launch of Learn Like a Pro, Olav also released a free edX online course.

Olav recognizes the power of Kahoot! as an adult learning tool. That’s why he has also created a series of stand-alone kahoots that anyone can play. Explore his full kahoot collection and play them on your own or with colleagues, or get started with these three:

Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 11.53.45

How pro a learner are you?

How much do you know about how to learn effectively? In this kahoot, you can test your know-how of research-based effective learning strategies

Keep your eyes peeled on the Discover page as we continue to publish more high-quality, ready-to-use content from learning experts and big-name brands.

Watch Olav’s two-part masterclass on-demand.