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16 Aug 2018

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Connect students with our icebreaker kit for back to school

Brain feeling fuzzy after the summer break? No problem! We’ve put together an icebreaker kit with tips and templates for you to ensure your back to school is as awesome as you are!

Kick off the new school year in a fun and engaging way! Check out our top tips to break the ice and build relationships, as well as kahoot templates for you to copy, edit and play in your class.

Welcome your class

It’s tricky to jump straight into lessons and lessons during the first day, or week, of school. Students – and teachers alike! – need time to ease into new environments, processes, and of course, get to know new classmates and teachers. Understand your students’ feelings and mindsets by using this icebreaker kahoot template as a guide.

Here’s a quick reminder of how to duplicate:

  1. Open the kahoot link
  2. Click the three dots dropdown, to the right of Play and Challenge
  3. Click Duplicate – a copy of the kahoot is automatically made and added to your kahoots
  4. Click the three dots dropdown on the kahoot
    card, and click Edit
  5. Tailor the kahoot to fit your needs by editing questions, answers,
    time limits and media
  6. All done – you’re ready to play!
Blog Back to School refresher ideas

Back to school intro kahoot

This is a kahoot template for back to school! Break the ice and have an awesome start of the semester 🙂 Feel free to play it as is, or duplicate it, making any edits you wish.

Introduce yourself with a kahoot

When it comes to getting to know your new students, and have them get to know you, there’s no better way than a fun selfie kahoot! Tailor our simple template to get to know each other in a very low-pressure, engaging way.

Get your students creating

Now, it’s the students’ turn! An exciting topic for a selfie kahoot is, of course, the summer vacation. Encourage learners to share their stories through a game – and we bet they have tons of summer photos on their phones to add to the questions! Not only this is a fun ice-breaking activity, but it also helps to develop your learners’ storytelling skills.

We created our very own templates for you to duplicate and edit, or simply to get a little inspiration from! Have your students fill out their own answers and share about their summer vacations! Even if students stayed home, they can still share what they got up to during the break.

Image credits: Unsplash

Summer vacation icebreaker kahoot

Duplicate or get inspiration from this kahoot template for your students to create their own quizzes about their summer vacation. Make back to school awesome!


Student selfie kahoot template

Let me introduce myself: I am a selfie kahoot, ready to be played and duplicated by any of you 🙂 You can use me as a template, to let your classmates get know you better!

This activity also offers lots of opportunity for students to get to know each other and build empathy, in a non-intimidating way. For example, after each question about their vacation, you could ask a follow up question about their family, favorite activities, foods, places they’d like to visit and why, etc.

Top tips for student-led kahoots

Rather than spend lots of time downloading images, snap a quick picture of a written sentence, equation, graph or map to upload into a game in the app.

Students struggling to come up with game ideas? Try pairing them up, or put them into small groups to research questions and answers. As a bonus, it’ll boost collaboration and teamwork!

Which back-to-school activities are you planning? Join the discussion on Twitter!