When it comes to describing Kahoot!, we know our community says it better than anyone else. So, we were overjoyed when hero languages teacher Christel Grandemange reached out to share some wonderful quotes and testimonials from her Year 7-10 (Grade 6-9) students on what they liked about Kahoot!

Christel is a long-term Kahoot!’er and is a proponent for using different Kahoot! features such as Jumble, for deepening her students’ learning outcomes!

As Christel says, “My pupils love Kahoot! and are always fully engaged while I assess their learning and their knowledge of a language. As a teacher, it is great to see all pupils getting competitive and wanting to win. Some students who are quiet in class can perform so well behind their screen. I also like that they all have to look at the screen before answering.”

Here are the top testimonials from Christel’s students!

Quotes collage

We hope you’re enjoying the summer break and all its learning opportunities. You can connect with Christel on Twitter @MissGrandemange.