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10 Aug 2017

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Simple kahoot ideas to break the back-to-school ice

Ready for back to school? Whether the school year has already started at your school or is starting soon, here are 5 kahoot ideas that will help you break the ice after the summer break!

New school year, yay! Reconnecting with your students, meeting new learners, hearing about their summer adventures – fun times! As you’re kicking off the school year, we’ve collected some back-to-school kahoot ideas to help you ace your first classes. These simple games will break the ice in class, help learners switch back into school mode and build a good sense of community.

Teacher’s selfie kahoot – introduce yourself

Meeting your new students? Introduce yourself in a playful and engaging way! In your selfie kahoot, you can get learners to guess some personal facts about you (where you’re from, what you like to do outside of work, etc.) and use that as a conversation starter.

To make it even more engaging and change the dynamics, you can place clues for next questions throughout the kahoot. For example, if you mentioned the city you come from, ask about your home state later. Introduction, memory test and geography challenge in one question!

Student’s selfie kahoot – get to know each other better

Now it’s their turn! As the first assignment in the new school year, you can ask your learners to create a short quiz about themselves, so that others in the class get to know them better. It can be as simple as true-false questions, or trickier questions with multiple correct answers – they can go really creative!

If your students don’t have accounts or their own devices, you can use this printable Kahoot! template as a handout!

Storytelling kahoot – share summer memories

An exciting topic for a selfie kahoot is, of course, the summer vacation. Encourage learners to share their stories through a game – and we bet they have tons of summer photos on their phones to add to the questions! Not only this is a fun ice-breaking activity, but it also helps to develop your learners’ storytelling skills.

Alternatively, you can ask them to share an interesting fact and/or a photo just with you, so that you can put their stories in a kahoot yourself. It’s going to be really interesting to see which fact they’ll pick, if it has to be just one!

Class photo kahoot – play a name game

New class? Here’s a kahoot idea to help you and your students memorize each other’s names. To prepare for this activity, ask your learners to send you their photos. Create a question with a photo for everyone in the class! You can re-play it later for revision, too.

Survey kahoot – start a discussion

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a game with points to get a conversation going in class. How about a survey? Come up with just a few questions, while leaving enough time for discussion. For inspiration, here’s a fun and original BTS kahoot by msjeffcott we really liked!

Do you have a cool idea for a back-to-school kahoot? We’d love to hear it! Share it on our Facebook page or on Twitter!