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30 Aug 2017

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Ready, set, Kahoot! Curriculum-aligned kahoots on your start page!

We still have some great back-to-school treats in stock for you! Today, we’re launching our new, free service for educators: curriculum-aligned, ready-to-play kahoots!

We love meeting you, teachers of awesome, to chat about creative ideas, classroom trends and your day-to-day challenges. One thing we’ve heard from many of you that we met: you love to play Kahoot! and value the fun, joy and engagement it brings into your classroom. Your students want to play Kahoot! more often, and you’d be happy to! However, creating or finding high-quality kahoots that are aligned with the curriculum can take quite some time.

Sounds like a familiar challenge? We have some great news for you!

Today, we’re launching collections of original, curriculum-aligned kahoots, based on the U.S. K-12 standards. They’re free, accessible right from the Kahoot! start page and ready to play! These games were created with love and care by our awesome team of K-12 expert and content partners.

Finding an awesome, relevant kahoot will now take you less than 20 seconds. Have a look!

Engaging math games

Math has traditionally been one of the most popular topics on our platform. That’s why the first collection we launch is focused on math! In the “Math by Kahoot!” collection available from your Kahoot! start page, you’ll find Common Core-aligned Algebra, Fractions and Geometry kahoots. Play them as-is or edit to adjust them to the standards you’re using in your school.


More original kahoots coming soon!

Throughout this school year, we’ll be adding collections of games tailored to more standards, grades and topics every week. Our goal is to offer hundreds of kahoots by the end of this year, for free, with even more to come in 2018!

Stay tuned for the upcoming additions! Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll release collections for Science, ELA (English Language Arts), History and Geography, in line with the most common U.S. K-12 standards.

Later, we’re planning to release collections from publishers, entertainment partners and other content partners. Kahoots for education, professional development or just for pure engagement and fun!

Can these kahoots be edited to fit another standard?

Yes! You can tweak these games to adjust them better to your students’ needs, or to fit another standard. Just duplicate and edit that kahoot. Here’s how:

Time to play!

Give our new math collection a go! How about this Algebra kahoot to get started? That turned out tricky when we played it in the office, but we found the math champion on the K!’rew – our CFO Martin 🙂

Ready, set, Kahoot!

So, what do you think? Do you like this new service? What collections would you like to see in the future? We are just starting this exciting project, and your feedback will help us make it awesome! Tweet your comments or share them on our Facebook page!