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2 Oct 2017

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4 K!razy kahoots to celebrate World Space Week

World Space Week is an annual celebration of all things related to space. How much do you know about the Universe? Play with Kahoot! ambassador Steve Sherman and find out!

Celebrated on October 4-10 every year, World Space Week is the largest public space event on Earth. With hundreds of themed activities organized in different countries, all eyes are on exciting topics like science, technology and space exploration. New Horizons flying past Mars, Cassini crashing into Saturn, astronauts soon going to Mars – space is pretty exciting already. Join the celebration and engage your learners into Kahoot!’ing about space!

What is World Space Week?

In 1999 the United Nations made a declaration to promote space. World Space Week has grown into the largest public space event on Earth. Its aim is to spread the joy and excitement of space, increasing awareness around space exploration. Every year, the UN selects a new theme to highlight during the World Space Week. The theme this year is “Exploring New Worlds In Space”. Go to the World Space Week website to find an event in your country. But, no matter where are you are, there has never been a better time to do some space Kahoot!’ing!

Exploring space with Living Maths

We at Living Maths are really passionate about space! We’re a STEM-based NGO based in South Africa, and we’ve been actively involved in promoting all things space for over 20 years: communal activities, visits to local schools and online sessions with international schools.

Steve Sherman, Living Maths - winners of an Art completion competition

Winners of an Art completion pose with Dr Cady Coleman (NASA Astronaut) and Charlie Bolden (Previous Administrator of NASA and former astronaut)

Steve Sherman, Living Maths - astronaut on school visit

Astronaut Dr Cady Coleman meets a space enthusiast at a school visit.

Every year, we come up with something new: for example, building space-themed cardboard constructions, inviting astronauts as speakers to schools or streaming live interviews with them, organizing space-themed art competitions, having star-gazing evenings at the local observatories. And, being “over the moon” about Kahoot!, we love adding learning games to the mix to take engagement even further!

We’ll be hosting a big Space Kahoot! quiz at through a YouTube livestream on October 6, 1pm EDT and you’ll be versing a REAL astronaut! Are you up for the challenge? Join us and invite your students, too!

4 games to test your knowledge about space

As you’re preparing for World Space Week, try these 3 awesome kahoots cherry-picked by my students and I!

  • 33 Plays
  • 175 players


Test your knowledge about the sun, the moon and the planets of the Solar System with this kahoot by bflorenca.

  • 12 Plays
  • 96 players

Space Science

A quick, yet informative game about the Solar System by ktspark.