This article was written by Erik Harrell, CEO in 2016-2018

The last 18 months have been amazingly fun and during my time at Kahoot!, we have built a world class team here in Oslo – a team that I am extremely proud of and a team that I would put up against any tech team on the planet.

The team has performed beyond expectations. We added 31 million users last year to reach more than 71 million unique monthly active users, 2 times the user growth compared to the previous year where we added 15 million.

And we are on a trajectory to exceed 100 million monthly active users in 2018, which would put us in some very impressive company.

I am also very proud of the fact that Kahoot! is generating scalable recurring revenue streams for the first time since inception as we enter 2018, revenue streams which are growing extremely quickly. This revenue is coming initially from Kahoot! Plus, our first ever premium paid offering targeted towards business users.

And we have put ourselves in a position to build robust revenue streams over the long haul not only from Kahoot! Plus and the corporate training market, but also from the launch of a slew of new products, including Kahoot! Studio, our new mobile app, and a significantly upgraded search and homepage experience.

I am very proud of what the product and engineerings teams have been able to accomplish over the last nine months in particular – with greater output during that period than any other time in Kahoot! history. And the product roadmap is super exciting, presaging product innovation and output that the company has never seen in its history.

It has been an amazing ride, with rapid user growth and laying the foundation for creating an amazing business out of Kahoot!, not to mention adding incredible talent, whether in marketing, product, HR or engineering.

In summary: the company has a very strong foundation for further rapid growth, in both users and revenue.

Today, we are announcing some changes in the leadership at Kahoot! With Kahoot! having shifted into lift-off mode with accelerated user growth, rapid growth in scalable and recurring revenue, with a very strong overall and product strategy and world-class team in place, the Board and I started discussing Kahoot´s short-to-medium priorities and direction.

While we agree on long term strategy, I wanted to double down and invest more now in new business lines, whereas the Board wanted to focus much more on getting to cash flow positive as soon as possible. So, I am now transitioning from CEO to Kahoot! board member, where I really look forward to supporting the new CEO, co-founder Åsmund Furuseth, and the company going forward.

As one of the co-founders of Kahoot!, Åsmund has seen and executed on the launch of Kahoot! and its early explosive growth, and I am confident in his abilities to implement the company strategy going forward. Åsmund has also been instrumental in implementing the commercial side at Kahoot! with Kahoot! Plus and Kahoot! Pro.

As a Board member, I will continue to be heavily involved and support Asmund and the company, capitalizing on my operational, commercial, strategic and global experience.

As Kahoot!’s mission and vision are dear to me, I am really excited to continue to be part of the ride in 2018 and beyond as a Board member and shareholder!