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I am thrilled to announce that today, we are making the Kahoot! web platform and the iOS and Android mobile apps available in Indonesian. This also includes the localization of hundreds of premium ready-to-play kahoots created by some of our publishing partners like Disney, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Kahoot! Studio, and more.  

We know how important it is for our users to access Kahoot! in their native language. Therefore, by adding Indonesian language support to our products, we are making our suite of products for school, work, and home more discoverable and easier to use for millions of Indonesian speakers worldwide, and at the same time, providing a more personalized experience to our users. 

Over the past year, there has been a surge of enthusiasm and usage of Kahoot! in Indonesia, with over 15 million non-unique players participating on the platform. These players have engaged in more than 1.8 million kahoot sessions across the country. This includes a significant number of students, with over 1.2 million participating in Kahoot! learning sessions hosted by over 115,000 educators.

Introducing innovative ways to study in Indonesian classrooms 

Kahoot!’s game-based learning experience has increased engagement among K-12 and higher education students for over a decade. 

As more students worldwide become early adopters of technology, educational institutions are looking for innovative ways to reinforce the teaching and learning experience. To support this, Kahoot! has introduced a series of AI features like the Kahoot! question generator, and the PDF-to-kahoot generator, saving time for educators and students while also making the learning experience more effective, as users can create their kahoots faster than before.  Both features are available with Kahoot+ Max for K-12 and Higher Ed.

Making the workplace more engaging and fun with Kahoot! at work 

The gamified learning experience of Kahoot! has gone beyond the classroom. Around the world, businesses are using Kahoot!’s business solutions to energize their workforce and improve employee engagement, through interactive presentations, brainstorming sessions, corporate training and development, communication and productivity tools. All now powered by AI,. Kahoot!’s solutions for businesses have also been adopted by Indonesian companies of all sizes. In the last twelve months, nearly 850,000 non-unique participants joined in kahoot sessions created by professionals, representing a double-digit increase compared to the previous year. 

With Kahoot! now available in Indonesian, companies of all sizes can provide their employees with a more personalized and tailored experience, while making it easier for everyone to navigate and play using the Kahoot! web platform and mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

Kahoot! in Indonesian - web platform and mobile apps

Boost the joy with friends and family in your next social event  

The social element of friendly competition of Kahoot! supercharges the energy in the room, making it the perfect solution for social celebrations and gatherings with friends. Moreover, Kahoot! offers many new features, game modes, and characters to elevate the social experience. This makes learning and playing on Kahoot! more personalized and keeps the engagement high, allowing users to try something new on the platform daily. 

For the little ones at home, we have also localized Kahoot! Kids—our app for learners ages 2 to 7 years old—into Indonesian. With Kahoot! Kids, parents can build stronger connections with their children through play, discovering the topics that spark their children’s curiosity. 

How to get started with Kahoot! in Indonesian 

  1. Update the app to the latest version, or download it on your iOS or Android device if you haven’t installed it before.
  2. The app will switch automatically if your device language is set to your local language.
  3. If your device language is English, tap the profile icon within the app.
  4. From your profile page, tap the cog icon to open settings.
  5. Select your language from the Language dropdown

To change the language in the web platform 

  1. Log in to your Kahoot! account
  2. Click on your Profile icon and click on “Choose language” 
  3. Click on the dropdown language section and choose Indonesian

Discover ready-to-play content in Indonesian 

Challenge your students, co-workers, or friends and test how much they know about Indonesian culture with our free course All about Indonesia!. Or take it to the next level with our More on Indonesia course, available with an AccessPass premium subscription.

You can also discover and play high-quality kahoots from our community of Kahoot! verified creators in Indonesia, who make learning awesome every day!

Kahoot! in Indonesian - download now

We hope that you enjoy Kahoot! in Indonesian. If any of you have any feedback on or you’d just like to share your Kahoot! experience with us, please head over to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!