Last week, Apple announced its Schoolwork app which allows teachers to assign digital Handouts to students. We’re proud to announce we’re one of the early education apps to be integrated into their brand new Schoolwork app, which helps teachers create assignments, view student progress and guide how students use apps in the classroom.

On our mission to make learning awesome, we’re also aiming to redefine homework through gamification. Our app for iPad is designed to extend the fun and engagement of the Kahoot! experience outside the classroom, so we think it’ll be a great fit to be used alongside Schoolwork!

Kahoot!’s app for iPad enables teachers to share homework challenges with students to complete them after class. For students, it’s a fun and engaging way to revise and reinforce classroom content, getting instant feedback as they play on their mobile devices. One of the biggest benefits for teachers is being able to monitor students’ progress in homework challenges and assess learning.

Kahoot! integrates with Apple's Schoolwork app

Image courtesy of Apple

With the new Schoolwork app, teachers will be able to easily assign specific games or challenges within the Kahoot! app from their iPads as part of a Handout lesson and view students’ results after they have completed them. This makes it even easier to assign kahoots as homework and monitor student progress in one simple interface. It will also give teachers new insights into how their students are performing based on Kahoot! results, helping them tailor their teaching to the needs and potential of individual students.

Kahoot! integrates with Apple's new Schoolwork app

Image courtesy of Apple

Watch the video from Apple’s recent education event on their website to see how Kahoot! works inside the Schoolwork app. Kahoot! demo starts at 36:50.

Schoolwork will be available in June for iPads, so all you teachers of awesome will have enough time to test-drive it before the new school year starts. We’re planning to make a tutorial video to show you how Kahoot! works with Apple’s Schoolwork app. Stay tuned!