At Kahoot!, we love computer science, but we definitely don’t love myths that make it seem too complex, unapproachable, or inaccessible. Done with smoke and mirrors! We’re teaming up with to debunk these myths, expand access to computer science for all students, and make it really awesome!

A special collection of high-quality quizzes from on Kahoot! will help to demystify computer science, make it fun, and promote coding knowledge to learners of all ages. You can find it right on the start page of Kahoot! Gear up for some STEM fun!

Kahoot! and partner up to promote computer science

Computer science is for everyone

Our friends at are on a mission to make computer science more accessible in schools for learners of all backgrounds. They believe that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra – and we couldn’t agree more!

Not only is computer science an ingredient of the STEM mix that equips students with valuable 21st century skills, but it’s also really fun! Especially when combined with games that will encourage learners to apply knowledge in practice and find solutions to brain-teasing challenges.

Collection of kahoots from

Kahoots in’s collection that you can now find on the Kahoot! start page range from elementary to high school level. Many were created by teachers to complement their curriculum. You can play these kahoots as-is, or duplicate and edit them if you have ideas for more questions. Remember that in addition to playing them in class, you can assign them as homework challenges!

Start teaching computer science!

Whether you’re new to computer science or have experience in tech, does a great job preparing teachers from any background to start teaching computer science. Over 72,000 teachers across the US have already participated. Sign up for one of’s hands-on professional learning workshops and make computer science awesome for your students!