Kick off back to school with Kahoot!’s new features and design

As part of our mission to make learning awesome, we’re committed to continually improving Kahoot! for teachers. Check out our new design, brand new spreadsheet import feature many of you requested and some app updates!

August 22, 2018

Calling all Kahoot!’ers! As part of our mission to make learning awesome, we’re committed to continually improving our platform. Just in time for back to school, we have a whole bunch of updates for you and we’re really excited to introduce them to you! Take a tour of the new Kahoot! with a new look and some exciting new features that will power up your experience!

Say hello to our brand new spreadsheet import feature

Being able to import kahoot questions from a spreadsheet has been one of our top feature requests of all time. Tada! Your wish comes true as we introduce our new spreadsheet import feature. Use our template and save your kahoot questions in .xlsx format – then it takes just seconds to add them to a new kahoot you’re creating.

This will dramatically cut the time needed to create kahoots, as well as help you combine questions and answers from several spreadsheets into one kahoot! Read this detailed how-to post about this feature.

Note: please be sure to use our downloadable template, as it’s formatted to align with our importer.

Kahoot! introduces a spreadsheet import function.

New navigation bar and revamped kahoot cards

Our top navigation bar got really compact and neat – getting around is a breeze! Here are the three main destinations: Discover – where you can search for games, Kahoots – where you’ll find games you created or favorited and Reports – with your game data. Also, you can head right to Create to start crafting new, awesome kahoots! Your own account preferences, as well as the Sign out button, are under the settings icon.

We also redesigned kahoot cards to make them easier to read when you navigate your lists. The two most important buttons – Play and Challenge are still in the spotlight. If you’d like to duplicate, edit or share a kahoot, you’ll find those options by clicking on the three dots dropdown.

Organize and find kahoots with ease

Let’s look at how things are now organized under Kahoots. On the left hand side of the page, you can easily navigate between your different kahoots lists:

  • My kahoots: kahoots you created yourself
  • Favorites: public kahoots you “saved” by clicking on the star icon
  • Shared with me: kahoots other users on the platform shared directly with you.

The Kahoot! platform gets a redesign.

Find game data in Reports

With a neat new layout in Reports, finding relevant game data will take you just a few seconds. You can sort reports by date, kahoot title or number of players. Just like before, you can download a spreadsheet with results or save it Google Drive.

The Kahoot! platform gets a redesign.

Last but not least, our app gets updates, too!

You’ll also some find some new goodies in our app. We redesigned the reports cards to make them easier to read and more similar to the reports on our web platform. We’ve also incorporated an image library to our in-app kahoot creator, making it even easier to create awesome, engaging games whenever, wherever!

Kahoot! image library app

P.S…. groove into back to school with our new tunes!

Hear something different when you play Kahoot! this week? We’ve got some funky new lobby music, especially for back to school! Get down on it but don’t be shy – this music will only be live for the next few weeks!

Where, what and how: FAQ

We hope you enjoy our new look! To make this transition as smooth as possible, here are some FAQs answers to guide you:

Where have My Kahoots moved?

Click on Kahoots in the top navigation bar. You’ll find My Kahoots listed on the left-hand side.

Where do I find My favorites and kahoots that were shared with me?

Click Kahoots in the top navigation bar, then choose the right list on the left-hand panel.

How do I share a kahoot from My Kahoots with another user?

If you’d like to share a kahoot with a user, click on the three dots in the kahoot card and choose Share. All you need to proceed is their username.

What about duplicating, editing or deleting a kahoot from My Kahoots?

Those options are under the three dots dropdown, too.

How do I access the results of a kahoot?

Reports in the top nav bar is the one-stop shop for all your game results. Click on My reports in the left-hand pane to get to the results on your games.

In Reports, what does a trophy icon next to the kahoot title mean?

It means that this game was sent out as a challenge (not hosted live).

How can I search for public kahoots?

Click on Discover in the top nav to get to the search page. Just type your query – and voila!

I need help! Where can I get it?

Click on the (?) icon in the top bar – from there, you can get to our support center or navigate to our blog to learn about our latest updates.

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