October 4-10th is a STELLAR week! That’s when the largest public space event on Earth – World Space week – is celebrated. We invite you to join us on a special space journey! The theme for this year’s Space Week is “Space Unites The World” but we’re convinced Kahoot!’ing does that too. So put on your space suit, hop in your rocketship and learn about space with these out-of-this-world kahoots!

Explore space anywhere, anytime

Play these kahoots in class with your students or challenge them for homework. Just hit Challenge instead of Play on the kahoot, set a deadline and share the game PIN with your students. They’ll be able to play the kahoot from anywhere, anytime in the Kahoot! app. The fun doesn’t have to stop in the classroom!

These kahoots are out of this world!

There’s a whole universe of space kahoots in our library, but we’ve selected our favorites for you to play. Learn more about the solar system, outer space and the winter sky with these kahoots.