Every year, we put together our EdTrends report to look at what’s hot or not in corporate training, as seen by trainers themselves and other business professionals. Hot off the press, meet our latest edition! This time, it focuses on Gen Z, the latest generation to start their professional journey, their ambitions and learning habits, and what changes they drive in companies’ training strategies.

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Who are Gen Z?

Gen Z, born after 1995, totals 67 million people in the US alone and is one that has not known a world without smartphones and social media. They are used to having access to the latest technology not only at home but also in school and college. It’s no surprise that they expect the best technology in the workplace for all purposes.

Digital natives are coming – get ready! In fact, almost 50% of corporate trainers say they’re already stepping up their game to tailor their practices to Gen Z.

Read our report to find out…

  • Gen Z’s learning habits and how they prefer to be trained in the workplace;
  • How trainers change their practices to cater to Gen Z;
  • What technology becomes the go-to solution when it comes to training Gen Z;
  • What role gamification has in this evolving training toolkit;
  • Where things stand with traditional in-class training methods (spoiler: they’re still overwhelmingly popular!);
  • How trainers prefer to measure learning outcomes today.

These findings are based on our survey with almost 400 business users of Kahoot!, run in October-November this year. Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their insights!

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Here’s an infographic with the key findings: