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Whether we train our clients on different commercial areas, discuss customer research, or host a big event on digital transformation – we’re always looking for ways to create “wow” moments for the audience, keep them engaged and increase knowledge retention. Kahoot! allows us to check off all these points – and it has made a big difference for us! Here’s why:

Make training sessions of any size interactive with Kahoot!

We work closely with most of the pharma companies working here [in Greece]. And we’re using Kahoot! mainly in our professional training services, from in-class training to big events. We run workshops every month, depending on our clients’ requests.

In the last couple of years, we at GET2WORK successfully incorporated Kahoot! into our biggest event, Digital4Pharma, to bring together around 150 brand, business and commercial managers to discuss the evolution of digital marketing in a fun, competitive way.

We use Kahoot! at these events to engage with big audiences and to create an interactive connection between people and the content. Kahoot! is a very straightforward way to introduce people to gamification. It keeps the audience focused during a long day, when we want to increase the adoption and retention of knowledge. And, just as important for us as moderators, it’s extremely easy to use. The fact that Kahoot! is web based and can be used on their own devices without any IT support from our clients, is a massive time saver for us.

Kostas Varsamos playing Kahoot! =

Complex topics made easy with games

At GET2WORK, digital transformation is a key area of expertise. We use both Kahoot! quizzes and Jumbles (a game format where you have to put answers in correct order) to liven up our “transformation workshops”, where we structure the training into 3 different levels:

  1. Strategy: What is happening in the market?
  2. Innovation: How can we follow it?
  3. Transformation: What to do?

During this part of the training, we discuss facts, figures or information available through market research. We quickly realized that presenting the results of the market research through a Kahoot! jumble with order-based questions created much more interesting discussions. This, in its turn, made the content of market research easier to process and adopt.

As a result, we’ve been presenting results of market research in a very interactive way, not the standard slides, facts and figures. This is very interesting, as companies are supposed to know their customers, but when they have to put market research results into the right order in a Jumble kahoot, it proves to be challenging. Answering on a standard Kahoot! quiz could be easier, as you can get lucky with picking the right choice. Having to order 4 Jumble answers however, is a lot more difficult as you can’t just choose one thing. So you must understand and think carefully. Learning is always more effective when it’s based on self-generated knowledge!

Get maximum attention in the middle of a session

We like to use Kahoot! in the middle of the training. We start our training with the strategy part, which is presented through slides. After these presentations, we want to talk about facts and figures and Kahoot! lends itself to making our discussions more interactive.

By experience, participants tend to remember mostly the beginning and the end of a long session. So, we needed to enhance and empower the delivery of content in the middle of our trainings and decided to play Kahoot! to create some excitement.

Kostas Varsamos playing Kahoot!

Kahoot! makes content king

Content is the most important part of a kahoot. You develop questions and the content depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to break the ice, the questions can be easy. However, sometimes we want to change the mood in the room, so we tend to add some funny questions – not related to the topic – in the kahoot to engage everyone. If we want to tease participants’ brains a bit more, we can make the kahoots more difficult. It’s a great way to capture attention, as some people think they have all the answers and have to face the fact that they didn’t actually know as much as they thought!

Clients love Kahoot!’ing

Since we played Kahoot! at our biggest event, Digital4Pharma, with most pharma companies in Greece, we have received clear feedback: our clients have told us that they have all started Kahoot!’ing because they enjoyed the presentation so much. I think it’s a sign that we got our training right!

Be inspired by GET2WORK’s kahoot

Take a break from the ordinary and give your attendees something to think about. Take a look at GET2WORK’s’s kahoot from their Digital4Pharma conference to see how they made their event stand out.

Get2Work jumble template