We’ve heard from many teachers and business trainers that ease of use is something they value the most about Kahoot! This is amazing to hear, and we’d like all of you to feel at home on Kahoot! from day one! The quicker you learn Kahoot! 101, the sooner you can make awesome things happen with our platform.

To make it even easier for new Kahoot!’ers to get started, we’ve built a new home page that will quickly help you through the first steps. Since this page is personalized for every user, it’ll also be handy for long-time Kahoot!’ers with its shortcuts to the most important sections. Here’s what you’ll find there:

New to Kahoot!? Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

We know it might be overwhelming to figure out a new tool, so when you create a Kahoot! account, the home page will only focus on the main first steps. It’ll prompt you to create your first quiz, show you how to search for kahoots and then host your first live game. By checking those tasks off the list, you’ll master Kahoot! basics in a breeze!

Everything you need to be more productive

Further on in your journey, as you create more kahoots, that are played by more and more people, you’ll see key stats in your profile box. To save time, your personalized home page will also give you shortcuts to all the most important areas of Kahoot!: your personal and team’s kahoots, recent reports, and recommended, ready-to-play kahoots. We’re working on our game recommendations, so kahoots you see on your home page will be more and more tailored to your interests over time. If you add your interests, that will help us give you better game recommendations related to your subjects or areas of interest.

Last, but not least, you’ll always stay up to date with the latest tips, tricks and success stories from our blog – we’ve reserved a separate section for that!

We’re gradually enabling this feature for our teacher and business communities, so watch out for the new ? icon in the top navigation menu in the coming weeks!

Oh, and if you have colleagues that haven’t used Kahoot! before, now might be a great time to give them a nudge!