In our latest case study, we visited East Meadow School District in Long Island, New York to see firsthand how teachers and students are getting the most out of their Kahoot! Experience! Like many school districts, East Meadow turned to EdTech tools like Kahoot! to keep students engaged while remote and hybrid learning was a necessity. However, quickly realizing the power of Kahoot! as a long-term teaching tool in the classroom, East Meadow teachers began learning how to use the platform to achieve deeper learning outcomes with student-led learning. 

Learn how East Meadows teachers used Kahoot! EDU to:

  • Save time in lesson planning with teacher collaboration
  • Target teaching to every student and learning style with advanced reporting
  • Build future-ready skills with student-led learning and game modes

Read the full case study to learn more about how Kahoot! EDU helped East Meadow bridge the EdTech gap between COVID necessity and long-term classroom teaching tools.

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