Driven and inspired by your feedback, we want to make Kahoot! better for every teacher, whether you’re only in the beginning of your journey, about to make your first quiz, or have been Kahoot!’ing for a while and are ready to explore more advanced ways of using our platform.

In time for this back-to-school, we enhanced our free version with some of the top requested features, such as question bank, extended character limits, and the ability to combine several kahoots. We’ve also added improvements to our paid plans, optional upgrades that complement our free version. Today, we have news for those of you who’d like to scale up Kahoot!’ing to an entire school, get more game modes, and unlock more customization options. Sounds like you? Then Kahoot! Premium, our new, most advanced offering for schools will check off all those goals!

Kahoot! launches Premium, its new, most advanced offering for schools

Here are the superpowers you gain when you go Premium:

Duplicate and edit premium, teacher-verified games

In addition to creating your own kahoots, you can save time by reusing one of our premium kahoots, created and verified by teachers. Duplicate and edit them to adjust them to your needs (need a refresher on how duplication works? Watch the tutorial below!). Our premium collection includes hundreds of games in math, history, and other subjects – and we’ll be adding more!

Customize gameplay with your school logo

Deliver a custom gameplay experience with your school’s logo on the shared screen and players’ devices. Here’s how you add your logo:

Roll out Kahoot! school-wide without stress

Looking for a site license? Kahoot! Premium makes it easy to get all teachers from your school on board. Instead of sending invitations to your school’s team space manually, just generate a universal license key and share it with other teachers, for example, by posting in the LMS or via email.

Get ready for school-sized games

With a Premium subscription, you can host kahoots with up to 2,000 players, which means you’ll be all set for school-wide events or assemblies!

Personalize learning for each student

Help your students reinforce learnings from classroom kahoots, remember content better, and retain the new knowledge for a longer time. Powered by the Kahoot! app (available for iPhones and iPads, most Chromebooks and Android smartphones), our new personalized learning feature adjusts to each student’s performance in classroom kahoots and lets them learn at their own pace after class. Here’s a quick tutorial to walk you through it:

Stir up the classroom with new lobby music

Feel like grooving to funky tunes, or maybe laid back reggae suits the mood better? Change lobby music and stir up your classroom with a new track! Or, when you need students to get extra focused, you can mute the lobby.

Advanced question types and game options from Pro: slides, polls, puzzles

Tailor kahoot dynamics to your lesson’s goals, keep students on the edge of their seats and get them laser focused with our new question types and game options in Kahoot! Pro. By combining quiz questions with slides, polls and puzzles, not only can you make your game more captivating for students, but also teach a whole lesson with your kahoot and deepen learning.

We’ll be adding more question types to Kahoot! Premium to help you power up learning, as well as new ways to deepen formative assessment – stay tuned!

Go Premium today! With our limited time offer, you can save 25% by upgrading together with a colleague.