Mix and match questions from our question bank

Instead of typing questions from scratch, you can search half a billion existing ones in our question bank. Just start typing a question and you’ll get autosuggestions that you can review and refine. Using the question bank will help you create kahoots up to 3 times faster!

Combine your existing kahoots

The ability to combine multiple kahoots has been one of the most popular feature requests, and we made it happen for this back-to-school! Select two or more kahoots by clicking the check mark and click Combine in the bar below. Please note the maximum number of questions you can have in one kahoot is 100.

Import quiz questions from a spreadsheet

Our spreadsheet importer will help you reuse multiple-choice questions you had from before – for example, from other tools. Download our spreadsheet template and follow it to add questions, answers and time limits for each question. Some teachers even use this feature to collaborate on kahoots with their students – find out how!

Get inspired with a template

No need to start from scratch – choose one of our pre-designed templates as a basis for your kahoot. You can see templates when you click Create – for example, a template for formative assessment or a selfie kahoot your students can use to introduce themselves to others in class.

Duplicate and customize kahoots, including premium games

There are millions of kahoots available on our platform, as well as an extensive collection of premium, teacher-verified games. Duplicate and edit kahoots to match them to your needs! (To customize premium kahoots, you’ll need a Kahoot! Premium subscription). Here’s a refresher on how duplication works:

Co-create and share kahoots with other teachers

With a Pro or Premium subscription, you can co-create, edit and share learning games together with other teachers in your school’s private team space. You can use it as shared game bank to be able to find relevant games in seconds and make the necessary tweaks right before your class starts.

Have you tried all these features? Do you have any more tips and tricks to add to this list? Share them with the community on Twitter!