Kahoot! is a fundamentally social experience which means it is experienced together with colleagues. Social experiences feel ever more relevant at a time when work goes increasingly virtual, and employees working from home are looking for ways to connect with colleagues. As a powerful e-learning tool, Kahoot! can be used with video conferencing to connect remote workers all around the world in meetings, presentations, and training sessions.

Whilst video conference calls help avoid the lack of connectedness and multitasking, we have all experienced how limiting audio-only calls can be. It doesn’t work that well for engaging larger groups because it’s challenging for many people to participate, contribute to the discussion at the same time, and see reactions of colleagues.

Game-based learning over video conference calls creates a much more connected experience because it enables virtual interaction and lowers the threshold for people to participate, comment, and discuss. What’s more, with quiz and poll questions, the host can “read” the audience in the same way as they would “read” the room when everyone is together.

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