At the Kahoot! EDU Summit on June 17, we’ll be announcing several new programs and exciting updates we’re preparing for back-to-school 2020. We have something in store for teachers, school admins and, of course, students!

This fall, we’re launching study leagues to make studying with peers fun, increase motivation and connect students at home and in class. Powered by the Kahoot! app, this feature will foster social learning and bring friendly competition into the studying process to make it more exciting for everyone who participates.

Kahoot! previews study leagues at the Kahoot! EDU Summit

How study leagues work

Study leagues represent a new, more engaging, fun and social take on virtual study groups. Students have full control over their self-study – they choose kahoots they’d like to play, decide how to involve their peers and kick off studying in a competition-based format.

Watch this teaser video to get a preview of Kahoot! study leagues:

To join or create study leagues, learners will need to install the Kahoot! app on their smartphones, tablets or Chromebooks, and get a free Kahoot! account. They will be able to:

  • Create new leagues for any class or subject
  • Join existing leagues created by other students
  • Invite their classmates or friends into the leagues
  • Choose and add existing kahoots into leagues – as many kahoots as they’d like! For example, you can recommend some kahoots that you played in class, or encourage them to do their own research on our platform
  • Create new kahoots on their own
  • Compete with other students in the league and see leaderboards.

Learners in the lead of the studying process

Together with study modes, student-paced challenges and kahoot creation tools, study leagues will give learners control of their studying. It’s up to them when and where to study, as well at what pace. This is aligned with our “learners to leaders” pedagogy, one of the core concepts of the Kahoot! experience:

Kahoot! Learners to leaders pedagogy explained

With this upcoming update, Kahoot! takes this pedagogy to the next level, empowering students to take shared ownership of learning, develop new skills in a social learning context, and achieve better learning outcomes in the long term.

Connecting students into a learning network

With students being able to participate no matter where they are, study leagues will connect them into a learning network with their peers. This social learning element is particularly relevant now when many schools still rely on distance learning, and teachers are constantly looking for new ways to engage and motivate learners at home.

We’re planning to make the feature available for free for all students in fall 2020. Stay tuned!