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13 Feb 2024

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How this educator became the top-selling creator on Kahoot! Marketplace by making math and language arts learning awesome

Read how this retired teacher has engaged learners worldwide by creating and selling digital teaching resources on Kahoot! marketplace.

When it comes to creating awesome teaching resources with Kahoot!, Kevin Husen is a rock star. A retired teacher from California, now based in Sun City West, Arizona, Kevin (also known as “MrKevinHussen“) is a Kahoot! Verified creator and the top seller on Kahoot! marketplace, having already sold his Kahoot! courses over 10,000 times.

How did he do it? What’s his secret to creating learning content that teachers and students both love? We sat down with Kevin to find out more about his journey to Kahoot! success and see what advice he has for other creators thinking of sharing their resources on Kahoot! marketplace.

It all started in a kindergarten classroom

In Kevin’s impressive 39 years of teaching, he taught students from kindergarten to adult education. He spent his last six years as a teacher in a kindergarten classroom, which was where he discovered Kahoot!. It didn’t take long for him to start creating:

“My career went full circle. I started as a kindergarten teacher, and then I ended as a kindergarten teacher. When I went back to kindergarten, I had to learn all the new technology. The second year I was back, I walked into my partner’s room, and she was doing a kahoot. And her kids were just crazy excited to learn. Immediately after, I asked her what it was, and the next day, I did my first kahoot with my kids. It was only three days later that I had already created my first kahoot, because I wanted everything to match exactly what I was doing in my curriculum.”

Since then, Kevin has published over 600 kahoots, which have been played by 1.2 million participants. As Kevin said, “Anytime you break a million in anything, that’s pretty cool.” These kahoots are offered in the 60+ courses Kevin now sells on Kahoot! marketplace, covering math and language arts for kindergarten through to fifth grade. 

On Kahoot! marketplace, a global marketplace for learning resources, Verified creators can create, share, and sell their courses and other teaching resources directly on the Kahoot! platform. Kahoot! marketplace enables educators, parents, and learners of all ages to access thousands of high quality learning resources on a wide variety of subjects and in many different languages.

What’s kept Kevin creating on Kahoot! even after retiring from teaching? “I retired, but I wasn’t really ready to retire. By creating kahoots, you keep your foot in the door of education, and the fact that they’re selling and that there are so many kids out there who have done at least one kahoot of mine now is pretty cool. I like the fact that the teachers are buying something I created and are using it in the classroom, and that it’s not only in the United States. I’ve even heard from someone in Australia who used my kahoots in their classroom.”

MrKevinHusen Kahoot! profile

Maximizing impact on students’ learning

For Kevin, the drive to create kahoots and courses started with his commitment to delivering real educational value through the Kahoot! experience:

“My kahoots are always based on an educational idea first: what do I want the kids to learn?”

Kevin Husen

He continued, “If it can be educational and fun, why would we want to just go for fun? I have this idea called ‘maximizing minutes,’ that we only have so many minutes a day to have learning take place. I want every minute to be amazing, including if I do a kahoot. But I think the kahoots are so much fun just the way they’re set up that I don’t need to make it ‘just for fun.’ I’m going to add the educational part.”

In other words, Kahoot!’s game-based format can make any topic engaging, so educators can focus on the concepts and skills that they most want students to learn or practice.

Kevin’s focus on creating both engaging and curriculum-aligned learning content has helped him build not only a following on Kahoot!, but a reputation that other educators can trust, which has been key for his success on Kahoot! marketplace. “They know that if they buy my courses, they’re getting a certain quality. It’s going to be tied to education, and it’s going to be colorful.”

Creating with both educators and learners in mind

One of Kevin’s key tips for current or aspiring creators on Kahoot! is to really consider their audience, both educators and learners. He encourages creators to pay attention to the topics where educators most need more resources and support, and what can make the highest impact for students’ future learning. 

“My most popular course by far is multiplication facts for third, fourth, and fifth grade. If kids learn their multiplication facts, their chances of success in math go up astronomically. And if they don’t learn them, absolutely the opposite is true.” He estimates that 700 – 800 people have already bought this course.

More than anything, however, Kevin’s advice for educators or creators thinking of sharing their resources on Kahoot! marketplace is to just start. 

“First of all, I would just tell them to go for it and don't wait. Jump in and get going on it. Kahoot! right now is a place where they can create a following, not to mention how much fun it is to create kahoots!”

Kevin Husen

Explore Kevin’s Kahoot! courses making language arts and math learning awesome!

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