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23 Jul 2020

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Kahoot! Academy’s teacher of the week, Linda Sees, shares how to approach challenging conversations and her major takeaways from distance learning

My name is Linda Sees, a Verified educator on Kahoot! Academy, Kahoot! Ambassador, and high school history teacher from New Jersey. I am excited to share my 5 biggest takeaways on connecting with and engaging my students in any learning environment!

Connecting with other teachers and reflecting on our teaching practice is important, especially during this time of change and distance. I hope that my personal reflections and advice give you the confidence and motivation to make back-to-school a success, whether it’s in the physical classroom, blended, or virtual. Let’s do it:

1. We need to make sure our passion shines through in everything we do!
Whether it’s by dressing up as a flapper from the 1920s or Marie Antoinette from the French Revolution, I really try to transport my students back in time. When my students see how excited I am about history, there is no other choice for them to get excited too! So, whatever it is you are passionate about, if it is math, science, reading, or anything else, let that authentic passion guide your teaching.

2. Be proud of your accomplishments as a teacher!
Teachers, you are impacting your students’ lives for the better and helping them develop their passions, whether you have been teaching for a year or ten years (like me!). As a history teacher, I have been fortunate to see history firsthand with my students, which has been super rewarding. Through this firsthand experience, I have been able to foster in my students a love for traveling and looking at different historical spots while traveling, which is something I am truly proud of.


My ultimate goal is for my students to have a deep love and appreciation for everything that happened in the past, so we can make changes in the present and create an even better future.

Linda Sees

3. Reflect on what your ultimate goals are for your students.
Although choosing one ultimate goal for your students can be complicated, I know my goal is not perfect standardized test scores or exceeding every expectation on state and national standards. My ultimate goal is for my students to have a deep love and appreciation for everything that happened in the past, so we can make changes in the present and create an even better future.

4. Don’t be scared of having challenging conversations.
In today’s world, it is really important to have challenging conversations, and it’s our responsibility to provide a safe place for students to speak their minds and share their feelings. As teachers, we need to be completely open, honest, and loving and create a positive learning environment to be able to touch upon sensitive subjects. When you are loving and accepting, our students reciprocate those feelings and actions.


5. One thing we have learned from being apart is how much we enjoyed being together.
I think I speak for everyone when I say that this has been the most interesting, most challenging school year of our lives. Through all of the changes and challenges, we have learned to appreciate how much we enjoy connecting with each other and spending time together. So, I don’t think students will be dragging their feet back to school because they will be excited to see their friends in whatever capacity. 

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