Low engagement, little to no participation, lack of visibility into your audience’s reactions – if you delivered a virtual presentation recently, these challenges will most likely sound very familiar. With organizations all around the world switching to working from home in a matter of days, many of us learned the hard way that we need to rethink how we present when we’re doing it over a video conference.

  • Why is it extra challenging to deliver an engaging virtual presentation?
  • We spend too much time lecturing and too little time interacting
  • We try to say too much within a short time frame
  • As a consequence, the audience quickly switches to a passive “listen-only” mode
  • It’s natural that without seeing our audience, we get a bit nervous

When social interaction is limited, the need for engagement in presentations has never been greater, both for the presenter and the audience. With Kahoot!, you can transform a lecture-based session into an interactive experience where everyone feels encouraged to participate, which is key to creating an engaging presentation. It lets you conveniently import an entire slide deck, add audience interaction elements to any presentation, and include poll and quiz questions, so audience members contribute to the presentations and the entire experience becomes more relevant for them.

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