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19 Aug 2020

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4 great ways to connect with new students using Kahoot! during distance learning

Fostering meaningful relationships between students and teachers is crucial for an impactful learning experience, especially in a virtual environment. To help you connect with your new students using Kahoot! this back-to-school season, we’ve put together our top tips and useful templates.

The back-to-school season is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, and many teachers are wondering how they can get to know their new students and build relationships within a virtual learning environment. By introducing interactivity, fun, and friendly competition into your classes, you are able to create social learning experiences that students won’t forget.

Keep reading to find out how you can use Kahoot! to connect with your students virtually or download our starter guide to distance learning (PDF).

1. Help your students get to know you with a kahoot

A great way to encourage and help students feel safe to express their true selves in your class, is to model this by introducing yourself in a meaningful way. Allow your unique personality to shine through using this teacher introduction kahoot template. Students will be sure to love getting to know more about you and your life outside the virtual classroom; you may even find this sparks students’ curiosity and encourage them to be more eager to ask questions!

Follow these steps to duplicate and customize this kahoot for your class:

  1. Open the kahoot link
  2. Click the three dots dropdown, to the right of Play and Challenge
  3. Click Duplicate – a copy of the kahoot is automatically made and added to your kahoots
  4. Click the three dots dropdown on the kahoot card, and click Edit
  5. Tailor the kahoot to fit your needs by editing questions, answers, time limits and media
  6. All done – you’re ready to play!

Get to know your teacher kahoot

Duplicate and customize this selfie kahoot template to introduce yourself to your students, whether you’re starting the year in the classroom or virtually!

2. Break the ice and get students participating

This has been an unique summer for all of us, and it is likely that your students have a lot to say about their summer vacation and how they feel about starting school again. By using this icebreaker kahoot template and customizing it to your needs, you are able to provide your students the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions in a low-pressure way. 

This not only boosts your students’ engagement in class, making it easier for even the shyest students to participate. It also gives you valuable insight into what’s going on in your students’ minds, which can help you tailor your approach to interacting with them both in and outside of the virtual classroom.

Blog Back to School refresher ideas

Back to school intro kahoot

This is a kahoot template to help you break the ice when you go back to school! Play it with your students as-is, or duplicate it and make it your own with any edits you wish.

3. Let students create their own selfie kahoots

Many students struggle to stay engaged in virtual lessons, and this can make it especially challenging for them to learn effectively. One great way to actively engage your students in class is to give them the chance to be creative.

Turn the spotlight on your students by inviting them to create their very own selfie kahoot, where they can include fun and interesting facts about themselves to help you and their classmates get to know them better. Our student selfie kahoot template makes it simple for students to duplicate and customize with their own answers, or they can easily build a new kahoot from scratch in order to fit their needs.

Many students feel shy talking about themselves unprompted, and with virtual learning, it can be difficult to observe students as you usually would in the classroom in order to get insight into  their personality. By allowing your students to create their own selfie kahoots, you’re providing them with an opportunity to share about themselves in a safe and low-stress way

For an added learning bonus, this can be an excellent chance for your students to practice their technology skills, which has become more important than ever this year!


Student selfie kahoot template

Let me introduce myself: I am a selfie kahoot, ready to be played and duplicated by any of you 🙂 You can use me as a template to let your classmates get know you better!

4. Encourage students to share their thoughts with SEL kahoots

While students will likely be coming to your class with some experience in distance learning from last year, they now have a new teacher and classmates to get to know virtually, making this unique back-to-school season feel scarier.

To support teachers in helping students navigate their thoughts and feelings during these challenging times, Kahoot! Academy recently launched a collection of social and emotional learning kahoots, created by Kahoot! Academy and our Premium Partners for learners of all ages. The collection provides teachers with an effective way to start meaningful conversations about students’ thoughts, while giving students an opportunity to strengthen their self awareness and emotional literacy, social and relationship skills, decision-making, self-management, and more.

By playing these kahoots, you can establish your class as a safe space for students to share their thoughts and feelings, which builds trust that’s key to building healthy, positive connections between you and your students.

Morning Check-in Kahoot

Morning check-in

Duplicate or customize this kahoot template to create a morning check-in for your students. Start the day right and make learning awesome!

Identifying feelings: happy

Identifying feelings: happy

This is a kahoot template to help students strengthen their emotional literacy skills. Feel free to play it as-is, or duplicate and edit to fit your needs.

Managing strong emotions kahoot

Managing strong emotions

Help your students build skills for managing strong emotions with this kahoot. It’s ready to play as-is, or you can duplicate and tailor it for your class.