A big thank-you to the thousands of professionals from over 140 countries who signed up for the first-ever Kahoot! WorkSummit on November 12, 2020. 

The participants heard from insightful thought leaders and guest speakers, from the likes of LinkedIn and Microsoft, on the future of “employee-first” corporate learning.

The virtual event featured 14 sessions that explored emerging themes in professional development. If you missed a session or couldn’t make the live event, you can watch every session on demand

Here’s a recap of the main highlights! 

Exploring the state of corporate learning in 2020

The inaugural Kahoot! WorkSummit kicked off with a session that detailed the state of corporate learning in 2020. The talking points were informed by the Kahoot! 2020 Learning at Work Report, which you can download for free.

The session discussed a number of key trends in the sector:

  • Why creating engaging workplace learning is more critical than ever
  • How building a culture of learning benefits employees and organizations
  • How important blended learning is in the future of corporate learning  

    Microsoft Teams and Zoom integrations showcased for seamless and engaging meetings

    In a world of remote work and video meetings, time-saving integrations with popular video conferencing platforms are essential. 

    That’s why we were delighted to have Steven Abrahams, Partnerships for Teams at Microsoft, showcase our integration with Microsoft Teams and discuss how the Teams platform helps organizations deliver impactful training and development.

    We also gave attendees a sneak peek of our upcoming integration with Zoom. Rik van den Munckhof, Senior Manager Design at Kahoot!, demoed our Zapp (Zoom App), which will enable users to host and play kahoots directly in a Zoom call. 

    Thought leaders shared actionable insight into how adults learn

    Several thought-provoking sessions broke down the science of how adults learn. The bite-size talks discussed everything from how the brain works to the importance of an employee-first approach when creating a corporate learning culture that succeeds. The sessions included: 

    • Dr. Sarah McElwee (Cambridge Assessment English) helped attendees create impactful training courses and assessments by sharing her expertise on how adults learn in the context of corporate L&D.
    • Olav Schewe, author and speaker, hosted an insightful session into how the adult brain works and provided actionable tips for creating training and development for the modern worker. 

    Creating a best-in-class corporate learning strategy for the modern world of work

    Corporate learning is evolving quicker than ever before, so it was fantastic to hear from some of the leading names in workplace learning and culture on how to create an environment in which employees can learn, thrive, and reach their potential. The sessions included:

    • Scott Shute (LinkedIn) discussed how to take care of your most valuable asset – your employees – and detailed how an employee-first culture of learning is implemented at LinkedIn.
    • Jane Hart, author of Modern Workplace Learning, explained how companies can adapt their approach to corporate learning for the new normal of remote work, both during and after the pandemic.

    The Kahoot! team demoed new and upcoming features

    Members of the Kahoot! team demoed our latest blended learning solutions and enterprise functionalities and gave a sneak preview of what’s coming in 2021! The sessions included: 

    • Osama Hanif, Senior Product Manager at Kahoot!, demoed Kahoot! Courses, a brand-new blended learning solution that empowers learners to take control of their development and boosts training completion rates.
    • Padraic Woods, Senior Product Manager at Kahoot!, previewed the upcoming brainstorm question type, which is designed to keep participants engaged and energized during in-person and virtual meetings.
    • Melissa Mills, Senior Product Manager at Kahoot!, showcased how Kahoot!’s new Groups functionality and user roles are already helping organizations learn at scale.

    Industry experts discussed the future of corporate learning

    The  Kahoot! WorkSummit concluded with an engaging fireside chat. Jane Hart, Scott Shute, Dr. Sarah McElwee, and Steven Abrahams joined James Micklethwait, VP of Kahoot! at Work, for a panel discussion about the future of corporate learning. The key talking points included:

    • The biggest challenges facing workplace learning today
    • Examples of a strong culture of learning 
    • The importance of bite-size learning in the corporate space
    • Are recent changes caused by the pandemic here to stay?
    • How corporate learning will look in five years time

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