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8 Feb 2021

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Celebrate love and kindness with these tips from Kahoot! Academy’s Verified educators

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to share some love and show appreciation for each other – wherever and whoever you are! From fostering connections across distance to developing a morning routine, these Verified educators know the way to your students’ hearts.

Spreading love, kindness and compassion is always important and Valentine’s Day is just a small reminder to appreciate those you care about! As educators and students are connecting remotely, teaching kindness, empathy, and checking in with your students emotionally is harder than ever.

Even across distance, these Kahoot! Academy Verified educators know how to create strong bonds and develop positive environments where all can feel appreciated. Read on to get inspired!

Foster connections across distance

Fifth grade teacher Steve Auslander is passionate about connecting his students with peers from all over the world. It’s harder now than ever to develop and maintain connections with others, so Steve uses Kahoot! to break down those geographical barriers. “I love to connect my students with other kids from around the world to play learning games together.”

You can try out hosting a kahoot game across classes, countries and continents to bring people together even when they are apart.

Looking for ready-to-play games? Explore the many meanings of love with this Valentine’s Day themed collection!

Check in with students through daily pulse-checks

Jaye Schaffer, high school math teacher, ensures that her students feel appreciated and supported no matter the situation. “Making sure to check in with your students every day really shows them that you care about them and their well-being rather than just about the assignments and grades.” It’s important to check in with your students consistently throughout the day to ensure they get the help, love and kindness they need.

Learn how Kahoot! can help with pulse-checks to assess students’ well-being.

Develop students social emotional skills with a morning routine

Aimee Copple, 2nd grade teacher, makes sure to focus on developing her students’ social emotional skills in addition to academics. She does this by starting “every day with an activity to unite, an activity to connect, an activity to disengage stress, and a commitment.” She is “the most passionate about social and emotional help because so many students right now don’t have the tools they need to handle their feelings and emotions.” When students aren’t able to handle themselves in new situations, their emotions get in the way of their learning.

Try out these check-in kahoots to incorporate into your daily routine:

Image by autumnsgoddess0 from Pixabay

Morning check-in

Intended for grades K-8, use this check-in to get your day started! Notice how you are feeling, set a goal for the day, and identify if you need some support. This kahoot works towards CASEL’s core social and emotional learning competencies.

Photo by Valeriia Bugaiova on Unsplash

Midday check-in

Intended for grades K-8, use this kahoot to check-in with yourself in the middle of the day! Notice how you are feeling and if you’re making healthy and responsible choices. This kahoot works towards CASEL’s core social and emotional learning competencies.

Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash

End of day check-in

Intended for grades K-8, use this check-in to close out your day positively! Notice how you are feeling, reflect on the day, and identify if you need some support. This kahoot works towards CASEL’s core social and emotional learning competencies.

Turn the tables: Let the student be the teacher!

According to Kindergarten teacher Jessica Schmidt, the way for students to see themselves as valued members of a class community is to give them a leadership role. By giving students a sense of ownership, they are able to see themselves as important and have more opportunities for success. “We have a teacher of the day routine. If you ever want a humbling experience, have a kindergartner imitate you for an entire day. They get a chance to run the classroom and see themselves as important and empowered.”

Give your students a chance to demonstrate their knowledge and take the lead by creating their own kahoots!

Set an example when it comes to empathy and kindness

English teacher Brendan Timlin believes that love is more than a romantic feeling – it’s a decision, and it also includes kindness and empathy. In order to teach and enhance these values among students, he believes teachers need to start by setting an example with their own behavior: “Be patient and gentle with students, don’t get frustrated or irritated.”

As an English teacher, Brendan introduces students to important phrases that show empathy and can be a start to important discussions – for example, how to say you’re sorry.

Find social emotional learning content from Premium partners and the K!rew to help your students develop empathy and kindness.

What are some activities you do to foster love, compassion and community with your students, as well as check in on how your students feel these days?

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