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12 Mar 2021

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Make math awesome on Pi Day or any other day with these kahoots by DragonBox on Kahoot! Academy

Whether you’re celebrating Pi Day, International Math Day, or you just love numbers, you can be sure to make the next class math-ical for your learners!

DragonBox, a Kahoot! company that makes learning math awesome with its engaging game-based apps, has teamed up with Kahoot! Academy to give learners a special treat for Pi Day (nearly as good as an actual pie!). In this special kahoot, students will learn some fun facts about Pi while on an exciting mission together with the Square Club kids Adam and Emma.


The Square Club - The Search for PI π!

The Square Club kids Adam and Emma are on a mission to discover Pi and learn some fun facts about it! Celebrate math and #PIday with an easy and fun introduction to the wonderful and exciting world of math. Suited for primary grades, ages 9 and up.

What is the Square Club?

The Square Club engages learners in solving exciting and engaging math problems through textbook and digital activities. While completing whimsical missions, kids explore math in fun and collaborative situations.

In Norway and Finland, the Square Club is currently available as a full math curriculum. Learners in all other countries can join the exciting Square Club missions through fun kahoots on Kahoot Academy! Play their series of kahoot-based math episodes on Kahoot! Academy to introduce your learners to the Square Club and help them learn coordinates!

Explore the world of math with DragonBox apps

DragonBox joined the Kahoot! family of learning apps in 2019. Through its playful and engaging game-based apps and learning content, DragonBox makes kids excited about learning math!

DragonBox develops its content and apps with the mindset that learning through discovery promotes learning at a deeper level. Learning through discovery increases kids’ motivation and engagement, it promotes autonomy and independence, and increases levels of retention.

Looking for new ways to make your learners LOVE math? Check out all the DragonBox math apps!

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