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3 Feb 2022

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Share the love this Valentine’s Day with these ‘sweeter than chocolate’ kahoots

Roses are red, violets are blue, whether you’re celebrating friendship, family or romance, Kahoot! Academy is here to help you! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, celebrate any type of love with ready-to-play kahoots on appreciation, gratitude and more.

This Valentine’s Day, spread the love (near or far, virtual or in-person!) to your friends, family, classmates or significant other with ready-to-play Valentine’s Day games from Kahoot! Academy Verified creators and partners. Check out the full Valentine’s Day collection, complete with the new Valentine’s Day seasonal theme, on Kahoot! Academy or find a kahoot below that gives you heart eyes. 


Valentine's Day games

All Kahoot! Premium, Kahoot! Premium+ and Kahoot! EDU users can add this theme to their own kahoots

Create a kahoot for someone who rocks

What better way to tell someone they’re awesome than by making a kahoot and sharing it with them? Send a love letter or tell someone why they rock simply by editing a kahoot, duplicating it and spreading the love!

Learn about Valentine’s Day 

Did you know that teachers receive the most Valentine cards each year? Find out more fun facts about Valentine’s Day in these kahoots from Verified creators Mohammed Abo Hassan Christopher Hoddinott and Breezy Teaching that are sure to win your heart.

valentine's day games

Love & Valentines Day

Play this love and Valentine’s Day quiz from Kahoot! Academy Verified creator Christopher Hoddinott!

valentine's day games

Valentine's Day

Recognize some amazing facts about Valentine’s Day & celebrate love and affection in this kahoot from Kahoot! Academy Verified creator Mohammed Abo Hassan.

valentine's day games

Valentine's Day Trivia

Learn fun facts about Valentine’s Day in this kahoot from Kahoot! Academy Verified creator Breezy Teaching!

Explore the meaning of love 

Explore what love means to you, find out what the feeling of love does to the brain and test your knowledge of famous love stories from literature in these sweet kahoot treats just for you from Kahoot! Academy.

valentine's day games

What is love?

Explore the many meanings of love and practice demonstrating empathy, compassion, and kindness. Aligned with CASEL’s integrated social and emotional framework. It builds on CASEL’s core competency: social awareness. 

valentine's day games

Famous Love Stories in Literature

In this ELA kahoot from Kahoot! Academy, identify the title or characters from famous romances in classic and modern literature using short plot summaries.

valentine's day games

The Science of Love

This Valentine’s Day kahoot from Kahoot! Academy explores the science behind how we feel love by asking questions about the brain, chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters.

Just for love

Is love on your mind? Ours too! Here are a few more love-themed kahoots from Verified creator Brendan Timlin and Kahoot! Academy partner NGPF that are sure to be a match made in heaven.

valentine's day games

FinCap Friday: Romance & Finance

A personal finance kahoot from Kahoot! Academy partner NGPF about the financial struggles that younger generations are facing when it comes to love.

valentine's day games

Relationships: love languages level 10

A quiz from Kahoot! Academy Verified creator Brendan Timlin for advanced ESL students on relationships and how we communicate and receive love. Based on the book, ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman.

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