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23 Aug 2022

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Tech Tip: Word Cloud puts learning on display!

Use Kahoot! Word Cloud to make learning awesome and obvious.

It’s time you start reading the room – but not just in the figurative sense! Kahoot! Word Clouds provide a visual representation of student learning and also makes for awesome classroom decor!

Word Cloud prompts players and students to type-in an answer or response to a Kahoot! Question type. As students submit responses, their answers populate a growing word cloud, text-tile display! If students are to share the same reply, that tile augments to reflect the additional replies. A bigger text-tile = more students have added this answer!

Word Clouds can be reviewed virtually during live gameplay, or exported and printed after asynchronous review. Add your own! Here’s how:

  1. Login to your Kahoot! account via 
  2. Select a ready-made kahoot from the Discover page, or browse from content within your own Library
  3. Navigate to Edit Mode and “Add a question” within the Creator
  4. Select “Word Cloud” from the listed question types
  5. Include a question title or prompt to elicit student responses
  6. Save your kahoot! It’s time to play. Press Start to PIN-in and begin.
  7. Watch and learn. Student responses will begin populating the screen. After the question timer has lapsed, Hosts can select “Skip Answers” or “Display Answers”.
    #KahootTip: Select “Skip Answers” during any sort of feedback related content, this helps keep students honest and anonymous! 
  8. Hosts can review Word Cloud responses in the automated Kahoot! Report and export the montage as a printable.

Make an impact with your class

Word Cloud formats fit classroom dynamics of all sizes, ages, and experiences. Check-out how some Teachers of Awesome use Kahoot! Word Cloud with their students:

  • Use Word Cloud to prompt discussion on classroom preferences
    What’s your favorite cafeteria lunch option?
  • Include Word Cloud to brainstorm character themes and motifs during a class novel study
    What adjective best describes this character in Chapter 4?
  • Embed a Word Cloud prompt to celebrate classroom learnings
    What are you most proud of this year?

Word Cloud is available for all users with EDU subscriptions. Unlock this feature for your account today!