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6 Sep 2022

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Tech Tip: Don’t be puzzled by interactive learning

 Incorporate Kahoot!’s puzzle question types across any curriculum topic or content area 

Why sacrifice precious planning time by learning (and re-learning) challenging technology tools? Kahoot! puzzle question types is a one-stop-shop for an entire library of content areas and curriculum topics. Get to know puzzle as a resource and resolution to any interactive planning and lesson creation.

Incorporate Kahoot! puzzle into your next kahoot

Puzzle formats support spelling reviews, timeline chronology, numerical sequencing, chemical formulas, and more – puzzle play is powerful and versatile!

Add your own! Here’s how:

  1. Login to your Kahoot! account via 
  2. Select a ready-made kahoot from the Discover page, or browse from content within your own Library
  3. Navigate to Edit Mode and “Add a question” within the Creator
  4. Select “Puzzle” from the listed question types
  5. Sequence the correct and accurate spelling, date range, chronology, or range from top to bottom.
  6. Add in at least 3 answer tiles (and up to 4!).
  7. Select relevant media from our premium image library, GIFs browser, or video search tools.
  8. PIN in and play your new puzzle!

Make an impact with your class

Kahoot! Creators and educators have explored the multi-faceted functions of puzzle, whether prompting players with questions to sequence timelines and number ranges, or to support literacy learning with letter patterns and spelling rules.

  • Incorporate language learning as students rearrange correct letter patterns to spell vocabulary words
  • Review moments in history as players sequence events and dates on a timeline
  • Establish numeracy skills with sorting practice for number ranges in greatest to least
  • Build confidence in chemistry to name molecular and element formulas

Poll is available for all users with Kahoot!+ Premier, Kahoot!+ Max, and Kahoot! EDU subscriptions. Unlock this feature for your account today!